Dengeki Sentai Changeman

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Dengeki Sentai Changeman
Changeman Title Card.jpg
Title Screen
Genre Tokusatsu
Superhero fiction
Created by Toei Company
Starring Haruki Hamada
Kazuoki Takahashi
Shiro Izumi
Hiroko Nishimoto
Mai Ooishi
Narrated by Nobuo Tanaka
Composer(s) Tatsumi Yano
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 55
Producer(s) Moriyoshi Katō
Takeyuki Suzuki
Yasuhiro Tomita
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) TV Asahi
Toei Company
Toei Advertising
Original network tv asahi
Original release February 2, 1985 – February 22, 1986
Preceded by Choudenshi Bioman
Followed by Choushinsei Flashman

Dengeki Sentai Changeman (電撃戦隊チェンジマン?, Dengeki Sentai Chenjiman, [Note 1]) is a Japanese television series and the ninth installment of the Super Sentai franchise. It aired from February 2, 1985 to February 22, 1986, running for 55 episodes.


After conquering hundreds of planets, the Great Star League Gozma sets its sights on Earth. To defend it, the Japanese military forms an elite Earth Defense Force. Under Commander Ibuki, the force begins rigorous training.

For their first act, the Gozma decide to eliminate those who pose the greatest risk of interfering with their invasion: the military. After a brutal day of training, the Earth Defense Force recruits are fed up with Ibuki's cruel ways and leave the training session. Soon afterwards, they are attacked by Gozma troops. Five surviving officers gather together, beaten and exhausted but refusing to retreat from the threat. The Earth trembles, empowering them with the Earth Force, giving them the power of mythological beasts and becoming the Changemen. With the mystical power of the Earth Force and military technology, the Changemen begin their war against Gozma.



Screenshot of five costumed men in front of their motorcycles
Dengeki Sentai Changemen in front of their auto-changers

The Changemen are former members of the Japanese military, chosen by the Earth Defense Force to fight Gozma. They derive their powers from an energy called Earthforce (アースフォース?, Āsufōsu), which gives its users the power to protect Earth.

  • Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon (剣 飛竜/チェンジドラゴン?, Tsurugi Hiryū/Chenji Doragon): Tsurugi, from Kōchi Prefecture, is a former Japanese Air Force officer.
  • Sho Hayate/Change Gryphon (疾風 翔/チェンジグリフォン?, Hayate Shō/Chenji Gurifon): Hayate, from Aomori Prefecture, was previously a Japanese Army Ranger.
  • Yuma Ozora/Change Pegasus (大空 勇馬/チェンジペガサス?, Ōzora Yūma/Chenji Pegasasu): Ozora, a branch officer in the Japanese Army, has a dream of opening a tonkatsu shop.
  • Sayaka Nagisa/Change Mermaid (渚 さやか/チェンジマーメイド?, Nagisa Sayaka/Chenji Māmeido): Nagisa, a task force officer in the Japanese Army, is the team's strategist and cares for Tsurugi.
  • Mai Tsubasa/Change Phoenix (翼 麻衣/チェンジフェニックス?, Tsubasa Mai/Chenji Fenikkusu): Tsubasa, a Japanese Army spy, is a skilled motorcyclist and good friends with Nagisa.


  • Change Brace (チェンジブレス?, Chenji Buresu): The Changemen's transformation brace, which can fire a change laser
  • Change Sword (チェンジソード?, Chenji Sōdo): A sidearm with two modes: blaster and knight (sword and shield)
  • Dragon-Zooka (ドラゴンズーカ?, Doragon Zūka): Change Dragon's Zooka weapon, which forms the Power Bazooka's body
  • Gryphon-Zooka (グリフォンズーカ?, Gurifon Zūka): Change Gryphon's Zooka weapon, which forms the Power Bazooka's front barrel
  • Pegasus-Zooka (ペガサスズーカ?, Pegasasu Zūka): Change Pegasus' Zooka weapon, which forms the Power Bazooka's lower-body cover
  • Mermaid-Zooka (マーメイドズーカ?, Māmeido Zūka): Change Mermaid's Zooka weapon, which forms the Power Bazooka's targeting scope
  • Phoenix-Zooka (フェニックスズーカ?, Fenikkusu Zūka): Change Phoenix's Zooka weapon, which forms the Power Bazooka's upper-body cover
  • Power Bazooka (パワーバズーカ?, Pawā Bazūka): The finishing cannon formed from the Changeman's Zooka weapons. Change Dragon supplies the shell, and Change Mermaid aims the weapon.


  • Auto Changers (オートチェンジャー?, Ōto Chenjā): Each Changeman rides one of these motorcycles.
  • Change Cruiser (チェンジクルーザー?, Chenji Kurūzā): 4WD for the quintet
  • Jet Skis (ジェットスキー?, Jetto Sukī): Used in one episode during their clash with Ahames' forces in Nagasaki.


  • Shuttle Base (シャトルベース?, Shatoru Bēsu): Modeled after the Space Shuttle, the ship transports the team's mecha to the danger zone and is the first Terran-made carrier to travel into space.
  • Change Robo (チェンジロボ?, Chenji Robo): The team's robot, armed with the Lightning Sword (電撃剣?, Dengeki Ken). Its other weapons are the Change Shield (チェンジシールド?, Chenji Shīrudo) (the Lightning Sword's sheath), Change Robo Missile (チェンジロボミサイル?, Chenji Robo Misairu), Change Vulcans (チェンジバルカン?, Chenji Barukan) shoulder cannons and Change Robo Flash (チェンジロボフラッシュ?, Chenji Robo Furasshu).
    • Jet Changer I (ジェットチェンジャー1?, Jetto Chenjā Wan): Change Dragon's mecha, which forms Change Robo's head and lower body. It is stored in Shuttle Base's fuselage, with wings and rudders retracted.
    • Heli Changer II (ヘリチェンジャー2?, Heri Chenjā Tsū): A helicopter piloted by Change Gryphon and Change Mermaid, it forms Change Robo's torso and arms. It is stored in back of Shuttle Base, behind Jet Changer I.
    • Land Changer III (ランドチェンジャー3?, Rando Chenjā Surī): A cruiser piloted by Change Pegasus and Change Phoenix, it forms Change Robo's legs.


  • Commander Ibuki (伊吹長官?, Ibuki-chōkan): The leader of the EDF
  • Soldiers (戦士団?, Senshidan): A group supporting the team
    • Captain Inogoro: An EDF mechanic who works on the Auto Changers


The Changemen meet other aliens who end up on Earth because of Gozma:

  • Nana (ナナ?, Nana, 13-14, 32-33, 42-43, 51-55): A young girl from the planet Rigel with superhuman abilities
  • Sakura (さくら?, Sakura, 16, 55): An alien from planet Merle (メルル星?, Meruru-sei)
  • Volta (ボルタ?, Boruta, 21) An alien from planet Dora (トーラ星?, Dora-sei)
  • Shinpei Mizuhara (水原 新平?, Mizuhara Shinpei, 23)
  • Zoorii and Waraji (ゾーリーとワラジー?, Zōrī to Warajī, 27, 47, 49, 51, 53. 55): Gaata's wife and son

Great Star League Gozma[edit]

The Great Star League Gozma (大星団ゴズマ?, Daiseidan Gozuma) is an interstellar empire which devastates planets and uses their survivors to invade other planets. The group is based on the battleship Gozmard (ゴズマード?, Gozumādo).

  • Star King Bazeu (星王バズー?, Seiō Bazū): The leader of Gozma
  • General Girook (ギルーク司令?, Girūku Shirei, 1-54): Originally from Planet Girath (ギラス星?, Girasu-sei), Girook is the invasion leader who secretly plots to overthrow Bazeu.
  • Adjutant Booba (副官ブーバ?, Fukukan Būba, 1-52): Former space pirate who has been conscripted as one of Girook's lieutenants
  • Adjutant Sheema (副官シーマ?, Fukukan Shīma): Former princess of Planet Amanga (アマンガ星?, Amanga-sei)
  • Queen Ahames (女王アハメス?, Joō Ahamesu, 17-53): Former queen of Planet Amazo (アマゾ星?, Amazo-sei)
  • Navigator Gator (航海士ゲーター?, Kōkaishi Gētā): Navigator of the Gozmard, originally from the planet Navi (ナビ星?, Nabi-sei)
  • Gyodai (ギョダーイ?, Gyodāi): One-eyed creature from the planet of the same name, used by Gozma to enlarge its minions
  • Jangeran (ジャンゲラン?, Jangeran): Two-headed dragon, whose left head fires a cone of ice and its right a torrent of flame.
  • Hydra Soldiers (ヒドラー兵?, Hidorā Hei): Gozma's foot soldiers


  1. "Arrival! The Secret Power!" (出現!秘密の力!?, Shutsugen! Himitsu no Chikara!)
  2. "The Wrath of Star King Bazoo" (星王バズーの怒り?, Seiō Bazū no Ikari)
  3. "Scram! Soldier Group" (スクラム! 戦士団?, Sukuramu! Senshi Dan)
  4. "A Kiss After the Fight" (キスは戦いの後で?, Kisu wa Tatakai no Ato de)
  5. "Pegasus Arrest Order" (ペガサス逮捕指令?, Pegasasu Taiho Shirei)
  6. "The Targeted High-School Girls" (狙われた女子高生?, Nerawareta Joshikōsei)
  7. "The Sad Space Soldier" (悲しき宇宙戦士!?, Kanashiki Uchū Senshi!)
  8. "The Lady is a Vampire" (お嬢さんは吸血鬼?, Ojōsan wa Kyūketsuki)
  9. "Shine! The Deadly Miracle Ball" (輝け! 必殺の魔球?, Kagayake! Hissatsu no Makyū)
  10. "The Dreadful Driverless-Car Army" (恐怖の無人車軍団?, Kyōfu no Mujin-sha Gundan)
  11. "S.O.S. Koko and Kiki" (SOSココとキキ?, Esu Ō Esu Koko to Kiki)
  12. "Mama is Mermaid" (ママはマーメイド?, Mama wa Māmeido)
  13. "Papa Sells the Earth" (地球を売るパパ?, Chikyū o Uru Papa)
  14. "Attack! The Huge Lizards" (攻撃!巨大トカゲ?, Kōgeki! Kyodai Tokage)
  15. "Reckless Rider Mai" (暴走ライダー麻衣?, Bōsō Raidā Mai)
  16. "The Girl Who Had Wings" (翼を持った少女!?, Tsubasa o Motta Shōjo!)
  17. "Nagasaki's Mysterious Ghost Ship" (長崎の謎の幽霊船?, Nagasaki no Nazo no Yūreisen)
  18. "Ahames' Challenge" (アハメスの挑戦!?, Ahamesu no Chōsen!)
  19. "Bet on Sayaka!" (さやかに賭けろ!?, Sayaka ni Kakero!)
  20. "Grand Counterattack! Giluke" (大逆襲!ギルーク?, Dai Gyakushū! Girūku)
  21. "Gozma's Big Star" (ゴズマの大スター?, Gozuma no Dai Sutā)
  22. "The Soldier Who Disappeared Into a Mirror" (鏡に消えた戦士?, Kagami ni Kieta Senshi)
  23. "The Boy Who Rides Dolphins" (イルカに乗る少年?, Iruka ni Noru Shōnen)
  24. "Runaway Gyodai" (ギョダーイの家出?, Gyodāi no Iede)
  25. "Sing With a Great Voice" (歌え!大きな声で?, Utae! Ōki na Koe de)
  26. "Mai's 20-Year-Old First Love" (麻衣20歳の初恋?, Mai Hatachi no Hatsukoi)
  27. "Gator's Dream of Parent and Child" (ゲーター親子の夢?, Gētā Oyako no Yume)
  28. "The Cursed Crayon" (呪われたクレヨン?, Norowareta Kureyon)
  29. "Protect the Flower! Phantom Butterfly" (花を守れ!幻の蝶?, Hana o Mamore! Maboroshi no Chō)
  30. "Run, Pegasus!" (走れ!ペガサス!?, Hashire! Pegasasu!)
  31. "Reveal It! The Mystery of Bazoo" (暴け!バズーの謎?, Abake! Bazū no Nazo)
  32. "Nana: Dangerous Reunion" (ナナ!危険な再会?, Nana! Kiken na Saikai)
  33. "The End of Girook?" (ギルークの最期!??, Girūku no Saigo!?)
  34. "Ahames the Terrible" (恐ろしきアハメス?, Osoroshiki Ahamesu)
  35. "Earth, Help Us!" (地球よ!助けて!?, Chikyū yo! Tasukete!)
  36. "Behold Our Power!" (見たか!俺達の力?, Mita ka! Oretachi no Chikara)
  37. "Missing Dragon" (消えたドラゴン!?, Kieta Doragon!)
  38. "Ghost Baseball" (幽霊ベースボール?, Yūrei Bēsubōru)
  39. "Dreadful Hide-and-Seek" (恐怖のかくれんぼ?, Kyōfu no Kakurenbo)
  40. "Strange Candy" (おかしなお菓子?, Okashi na Okashi)
  41. "The Missing Prince of the Stars" (消えた星の王子!?, Kieta Hoshi no Ōji!)
  42. "Sailor-Suited Nana" (セーラー服のナナ?, Sērāfuku no Nana)
  43. "Super Giluke" (スーパーギルーク?, Sūpā Girūku)
  44. "Leave it to Mai!" (麻衣におまかせ!?, Mai ni O-makase!)
  45. "The Rainbow-Colored Girl Ira" (虹色の少女アイラ?, Nijiiro no Shōjo Aira)
  46. "Beautiful Sheema" (美しきシーマ!?, Utsukushiki Shīma)
  47. "Gaata's Tears of Parent and Child" (ゲーター親子の涙?, Gētā Oyako no Namida)
  48. "Pirate Booba's Storm of Love" (海賊ブーバ愛の嵐?, Kaizoku Būba Ai no Arashi)
  49. "The Sad Sheema Beast Soldier" (哀しきシーマ獣士?, Kanashiki Shīma Jūshi)
  50. "The Day Gozma Trembled" (ゴズマが震えた日?, Gozuma ga Furueta Hi)
  51. "Nana, Tell Him!" (ナナよ!伝えて!?, Nana yo! Tsutaete!)
  52. "Booba Dies on Earth" (ブーバ地球に死す?, Būba Chikyū ni Shisu)
  53. "Fiery Ahames" (炎のアハメス!?, Honō no Ahamesu!)
  54. "Girook Grand Explosion" (ギルーク大爆発!?, Girūku Dai Bakuhatsu!)
  55. "Farewell, Space Friends" (さらば宇宙の友よ?, Saraba Uchū no Tomo yo)


  • Changeman theatrical short
  • Changeman Shuttle Base! Close Call![citation needed]


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The opening theme is "Dengeki Sentai Changeman" (電撃戦隊チェンジマン?, Dengeki Sentai Chenjiman) and the closing theme is "Never Stop Changeman" (Never Stopチェンジマン?, Nebā Sutoppu Chenjiman). Both have lyrics by Yoshiaki Sagara (さがら よしあき?, Sagara Yoshiaki), music by Katsuo Ohno (大野 克夫?, Ōno Katsuo), arrangements by Tatsumi Yano (矢野 立美?, Yano Tatsumi) and were sung by Hironobu Kageyama.


  1. ^ In Episode 5, the arrest orders for Yuma Ozora refers to his unit as the "Lightning Party" in English, a translation of Dengeki (電撃?).

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