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Xiaoshuikou (小水口) Scenic Area in Xiaochangshan Island
Xiaoshuikou (小水口) Scenic Area in Xiaochangshan Island
Changhai is located in Liaoning
Location in Liaoning
Coordinates: 39°16′19″N 122°35′42″E / 39.272°N 122.595°E / 39.272; 122.595Coordinates: 39°16′19″N 122°35′42″E / 39.272°N 122.595°E / 39.272; 122.595[1]
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Sub-provincial cityDalian
SeatNo. 1 Changhai Square, Dachangshandao (大长山岛镇长海广场1号)
 • Total156.89 km2 (60.58 sq mi)
 • Total77,951
 • Density500/km2 (1,300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Dalian district map
Division code210224

Changhai County (Chinese: 长海县; pinyin: Chánghǎi Xiàn; lit.: 'Long-Sea County') is a district under the administration of Dalian, Liaoning province, China. It consists of several islands in the Yellow Sea and is located offshore of the Liaodong Peninsula. There are 112 small islands and reefs in the county, traditionally called the Outer Long Mountains Island Chain (Chinese: 外长山群岛; pinyin: Wàichángshān Qúndǎo) and formerly sometimes called the Elliot Islands. The county has an area of 156.89 square kilometres (60.58 sq mi) and a permanent population as of 2010 of 77,951, making it Dalian's least populous county-level division,[2][3] and the county government is located in the Dongshan neighborhood of the town of Dachangshandao (Chinese: 大长山岛; lit.: 'Great Long-Mountain Island').

Administrative divisions[edit]

There are 5 towns in the county.[4]




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