Changi Air Base (West)

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Entrance to RSAF Changi Air Base (West)

The Changi Air Base (West), or Changi West Complex is a military airbase located in Changi to the eastern tip of Singapore, in reference to the existing facilities of Changi Air Base. It was named as such on 29 November 2004 after the opening of a new eastern facility that same day. Sited immediately to the west of Singapore Changi Airport, it consists only of an apron, sharing the civilian airport's runway for military aircraft based there. The air base houses 121 and 112 Squadrons, which operate Fokker-50 maritime patrol aircraft armed with Harpoon missiles, KC-135R jet tankers, and special transport aircraft.


The flying squadrons now are:

The Support Squadrons are:

  • Field Defence Squadron (FDS)

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Coordinates: 1°22′37″N 103°58′57″E / 1.3770°N 103.9825°E / 1.3770; 103.9825