Changi Point

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Changi Point
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 樟宜村
 • Pinyin Zhāng Yí Cūn
 • Malay Kampung Changi
 • Tamil சாங்கி கிராமம்
Changi Village
Changi Village
Country  Singapore

Changi Point (Chinese: 樟宜村), better known as Changi Village, is a subzone located in the district of Changi at the north-eastern end of Singapore.



Changi Village Hotel

There is a hotel located at Changi Point named Changi Village Hotel. It was re-opened after a complete refurbishment. There are also other accommodations in Changi Point such as Celestial Resort and Singapore Villa.

Hawker Centre[edit]

Changi Village Hawker Centre

Changi Village Hawker Centre is one of just a few hawker centres located in Changi Point. As of June 2012, the centre is closed for renovations. It has since reopened and business appears to be going very well as of August 2014.


Bus Terminal[edit]

A bus terminal, Changi Village Bus Terminal is located here. One way to reach Changi Point via public transportation is by taking the #2 bus from Tanah Merah MRT Station.

Ferry Terminal[edit]

Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Changi Point Ferry Terminal currently ferries passengers to the North-Eastern Islands and also to some destinations in Johor, Malaysia.

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Coordinates: 1°23′N 103°59′E / 1.383°N 103.983°E / 1.383; 103.983