Changning City, Hunan

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County-level city
Changning is located in Hunan
Location in Hunan
Coordinates: 26°21′04″N 112°25′01″E / 26.351°N 112.417°E / 26.351; 112.417Coordinates: 26°21′04″N 112°25′01″E / 26.351°N 112.417°E / 26.351; 112.417
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hunan
Prefecture-level city Hengyang
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

About this sound Changning  (simplified Chinese: 常宁; traditional Chinese: 常寧; pinyin: Chángníng; literally: "eternal peace") is a county-level city in Hunan Province, China, it is under the administration of Hengyang prefecture-level City. Located on the middle south of the province, the city is bordered to the north by Qidong and Hengnan Counties, to the east by Leiyang City, to the south by Guiyang County, to the west by Qiyang County. Changning City covers 2,046.6 km2 (790.2 sq mi)[1] with registered population of 958,988 and resident population of 810,447 (as of the 2010 census).[2] The city has 3 subdistricts, 14 towns and 4 townships under its jurisdiction, the government seat is Yiyang Subdistrict (宜阳街道).[3]


There are deposits of Non-ferrous metal. The Shuikoushan mine has extremely large reserves and is a large lead and zinc producer.


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