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Changoleón (1941) AKA Changolion (MonkeyLion in English), (his name is Rene Pico -see in El Universal Mexico news on line-) was a Mexican celebrity, famous for his participation in the popular TV shows Toma Libre and Incógnito, both hosted by Facundo. His real name was Garcia Guerrero Marco Antonio, as he mentioned in one episode, though other sources call him Samuel González Quiroz.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Little is known about him prior to his TV debut, except for the fact he studied psychology at UNAM and briefly worked as a teacher there. Uncomfortable with his job he left it in order to pursue a career as an artisan. After a 'family problem' he gave in to alcohol, and ended up living in the streets of Mexico City as a vagabond.[2] He once mentioned he had children and that his mother was still alive.[3]

He went into the public spotlight when he was discovered and featured in Toma Libre as a drunken hobo along with host, Facundo (also the host of Incógnito). He was usually shown heavily intoxicated, acting spontaneously at the many places he visited, such as markets, public squares and main avenues. During this episode of his life he enjoyed vast fame among teenagers, and was sought after in the whereabouts of Coyoacán, where he used to dwell.

Some of his adventures can be found at YouTube.[4] He lived for a while in Acapulco, at the main avenue, Costera Miguel Alemán, outside a couple of bars (like Paradise, famous for its bungee platform.)

Changoleón lives in Acapulco, Guerrero,México.

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