Changsha County

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Changsha County
Changsha County is located in Hunan
Changsha County
Changsha County
Location in Hunan
Coordinates: 28°17′14″N 113°13′31″E / 28.2872°N 113.2254°E / 28.2872; 113.2254Coordinates: 28°17′14″N 113°13′31″E / 28.2872°N 113.2254°E / 28.2872; 113.2254
Country People's Republic of China
Province Hunan
Prefecture-level city Changsha
Seat Xingsha
 • Total 1,997 km2 (771 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 750,500
 • Density 380/km2 (970/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 4101xx

Changsha County (simplified Chinese: 长沙县; traditional Chinese: 長沙縣; pinyin: Chángshā Xiàn; literally: "Long sandbar") is a county in Hunan Province, China. It is under the administration of Changsha City. Located in the west portion of Changsha, the county is bordered to the north by Miluo City and Pingjiang County, to the west by Wangcheng, Kaifu and Furong Districts, to the southwest by Yuhua District, and to the southeast and the east by Liuyang City. Changsha County covers 1,756 km2 (678 sq mi). As of 2015 it has a registered population of 743,000 and a permanent resident population of 916,000.[1] The county has 5 subdistricts and 13 towns under its jurisdiction. The county seat is Xingsha Subdistrict (星沙街道).[2]


The origin of the name "Changsha" is lost in antiquity. The name first appeared known in Yi Zhou Shu (Chinese: 逸周書) in the 11 century BCE during the reign of King Cheng of the Zhou dynasty. A vassal lord from the Changsha area sent a type of softshell turtle known as "Changsha softshell turtle" (Chinese: 長沙鼈; pinyin: Chángshā biē) to the Zhou king as a tribute. The present Changsha County was parts of the historic Qianzhong Prefecture (Chinese: 黔中郡) of Chu state in late Warring States period (481 BC to 221 BC) and the historic Xiang County (Chinese: 湘縣) in Qin dynasty (221 BC–206 BC). During the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), Xiang County was renamed Linxiang County (Chinese: 臨湘縣). Changsha County was formally established with the replacement of the Linxiang County, concurrent with the establishment of the Sui dynasty. Shanhua County (Chinese: 善化縣) was formed by 5 townships of Changsha County and 2 townships of Xiangtan County in 1098 during the Song dynasty. Changsha and Shanhua Counties were merged together into modern day Changsha County in 1912.


Changsha is the most developed county in Central China ranking 6th in the Top 100 of counties and county-level ciities of China by comprehensive strength in 2016.[3]

Changsha County is one of the best developed manufacturing counties and county-level cities in the province, the manufacturing industry is its economic pillar. Changsha's manufacturing engines are construction machinery, automobile and parts, electronics and information. For 2015, the gross domestic product of Changsha County was CN¥116.83 billion (US$18.76 billion), Of this total, the value added of the manufacturing industry was CN¥82.16 billion (US$13.19 billion), shares 70.32 percentage of its GDP.[4] Changsha County is home of the Sany (三一集团), Sunward (山河智能), Broad (远大空调), Zoomlion (中联重科) and forest and paper (泰格林纸) companies.

Administrative divisions[edit]

According to the result on adjustment of township-level administrative divisions of Changhsha county on November 19, 2015, Changsha county has 5 subdistricts and 13 towns under its jurisdiction,[2] they are:

5 subdistricts
13 towns


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