Changshan County

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About this sound Changshan County  (Chinese: 常山县; pinyin: Chángshān Xiàn) is a county under the jurisdiction of Quzhou city in Zhejiang Province of the People's Republic of China. The district's total area is 1099 square kilometers, and its population is 320,000 people. The district's postal code is 324200. The district government is located at 29 Shengli Road, in the town of Tianma.

Administrative regions[edit]

The county administers seven towns, 14 rural villages, 11 residential areas, and 341 administrative villages.

Towns: Tianma, Zhaoxian, Huibu, Fangcun, Qiuchuan, Baishi, and Qingshi.

Rural villages: Hejia, Songfan, Donglu, Xinqiao, Jiarong, Xinchang, Jinyuan, Longrao, Tonggong, Qiankou, Daqiaotou, Wuli, Dong'an, and Gedi.


Coordinates: 28°57′34″N 118°30′32″E / 28.9594°N 118.509°E / 28.9594; 118.509