Changshou District

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Changshou District in Chongqing
Changshou District in Chongqing
Country China
Region Chongqing
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)

Changshou (simplified Chinese: 长寿区; traditional Chinese: 長壽區; pinyin: Chángshòu Qū) is one of districts in Chongqing, China, located by Yangtze river, with a history spanning several thousands years. Changshou is 80 km away from Yuzhong of Chongqing city.


Changshou District administers 14 townships and 4 subdistricts,[1] with a total area of 1415 [km²].


Changshou enjoys a history of 2300 years.

  • In 316 BC, a Zhi county was establied here.
  • In 226 AD, it was renamed Jiangzhou county.
  • In 519, it was renamed as Lewen county.
  • In 1362, it was renamed as Changshou county.
  • In 1959, Changshou county was put under the administration of Chongqing city.
  • In 2002, Changshou city was changed into Changshou district, Chongjin, a county-level division of Chongqing.


Until the end of 2013, there are 369321 households,the total population is 906732.Among them, the non-agriculture population is 310531 ,agriculture population is 596201.[2]

Geographic condition[edit]

Changshou is located in 106°49’22” E-107°27’30”E of longitude and 29°43’ N-30°12’30”N of latitude. with 56.56 km wide from south to north, and 57.5 km long from east to west. The altitude in the area is between 154-1034.2m. ChangShou is classified as shallow hill area, sloops in the area are relatively smooth.

Weather condition[edit]

Its climate belongs to subtropic monsoon weather style, with an annual average temperature of 18.1℃, annual accumulated temperature of 6000°C, monthly average temperature of 6.7℃ in January 28.4℃ in July, annual total rainfall of 1152.3mm, annual radiation of 1221 hours and frost-free period of 331days.


Chongqing- Fuling Freeway and other two freeways are intersected in Changshou area. Chongqing- Wanzhou Railway is under construction to provide transportation for businesses and tourists. Changshou has two Yangtze River crossings, a road and a railway bridge.

Changshou District is 50 kilometers [3] away from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport.


  • In 2006, the total annual GDP was CNY 8.8 billion.


Famous tourist attractions include Lake Changshou, which is a man-made lake of 60 km²; Changshou Ancient Town; Puti Mountain and Dongling Temple.

Special Local Product[edit]

  • Changshou Grapefruit
  • Changshou Rice Noodle
  • Blood Tofu

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Coordinates: 29°57′48″N 107°06′47″E / 29.9633°N 107.113°E / 29.9633; 107.113