Changzhou Metro

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Changzhou Metro
LocaleChangzhou, Jiangsu, China
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines1
Began operation21 September 2019[1]
System length34.24 km (21.28 mi)[2]

The Changzhou Metro is a rapid transit system in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China. The system started operation on 21 September 2019, with the opening of its first line, Line 1.[1]

Construction of Line 1 began on 28 October 2014. The line opened on 21 September 2019.[1]

The network is planned to comprise six lines with a total length of about 208 kilometres (129 mi) by 2030.[3][4]

Lines in operation[edit]

Changzhou Metro Route Map.png
Line Terminals
Commencement Length
 1  Forest Park
2019 34.24[2] 29

Line 1[edit]

Line 1 started operation on 21 September 2019.[1] Construction for Line 1 began on 28 October 2014. The first phase runs from Forest Park (森林公园) in the north to Nanxiashu (南夏墅) in the south. It is 34.24 kilometres (21.28 mi)[2] in length with 29 stations, including 27 underground and 2 elevated. The line will eventually be extended to 42 kilometres (26 mi) long.[3]

Lines under construction[edit]

Line 2[edit]

Construction for Line 2 began on 13 February 2017.[5] It is 19.79 kilometres (12.30 mi)[5] in length with 15 stations, from Qingfeng Park to Wuyi Lu.[5]


Line 3 is scheduled to be 29 kilometres (18 mi) long, from Changzhou North Railway Station to Miaoqiao Station.[3]

Line 4 is scheduled to be 36 kilometres (22 mi) long, from Xinlong Zutuan Center Station to Jianhu Station.[3]

Line 5 is scheduled to be 28 kilometres (17 mi) long, from Qinglong Station to West Taihu Science City Station.[3]

Line 6 is scheduled to be 37 kilometres (23 mi) long, from Xuejia Station to West Taihu Science City Station.[3]

In addition, a network of 68 kilometres (42 mi) of light rail is planned to be built to connect the Changzhou Metro system to outlying areas and neighbouring cities.[3]


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