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Channel 1

("The First Channel" הערוץ הראשון)

Channel 1 (Israel) Logo SVG.svg
Launched 2 May 1968
Owned by Israel Broadcasting Authority
Picture format

576i (PAL) 4:3 and 16:9

1080i (HDTV) 16:9
Country Israel
Broadcast area National
Formerly called Israeli Television
Sister channel(s) Channel 33, IETV, Knesset Channel
Digital (DVB-T) Channel 1
yes DBS Channel no. 11
AMOS 3 11647V 8518 3/4
HOT Channel no. 11
Streaming media
IBA broadcast centre [1]
Channel 1 head office in Romema, Jerusalem

Channel 1 (Hebrew: הערוץ הראשון‎‎, HaArutz HaRishon, lit. The First Channel) is one of the oldest television channels in Israel (with only the Israeli Educational Television being older) and one of five terrestrial channels in the country (along with Channel 2, Channel 10, Channel 33 and the Knesset Channel). Run by the Israel Broadcasting Authority, it started broadcasting on 2 May 1968, and is largely funded through a television licence, though there are some adverts. The channel is supposed to move to commercial broadcasting by 2015, possibly even being replaced by a new "Channel 1".


The law creating the Israel Broadcasting Authority was passed by the Knesset on 6 June 1965, with the television channel starting broadcasts on 2 May 1968. Initially in black and white, colour television was used from 13 January 1982, although occasional colour transmissions had been made earlier, most notably the Egyptian president's visit to Israel in 1977 and the Eurovision Song Contest 1979.

In 1985, the "Israel Television in Arabic" department was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize, for its special contribution to society and the State.[1]

Until 1994 the channel was called HaTelevizia HaKlalit (Hebrew: הטלוויזיה הכללית‎‎, lit. General Television) or HaTelevizia HaYisraelit (Hebrew: הטלוויזיה הישראלית‎‎, lit. Israeli Television), but became known as Channel 1 once Channel 2 started broadcasting on 4 November 1993.


Since Broadcasting began in 1968 the channel was broadcast in PAL format. Since Digital broadcasting in Israel began it also can be viewed for free using small box. In May 2010, Channel 1 became the first public broadcasting house in Israel to offer an HD channel. Their first HD broadcast was the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, and later the FIFA World Cup 2010. The channel currently broadcasts Mabat, Channel 1's news program, in HD. Currently the channel offers a mixed selection of SD and HD programmes produced both locally and abroad. The HD feed was made available in late 2011, owing to the events of earlier in the year, when television stations in Israel ended analogue broadcasts.


Although the channel does not carry standard adverts, during breaks in high-profile programmes (such as coverage of Maccabi Tel Aviv's Euroleague matches) it displays text advertising companies on the screen which is read out word for word by an announcer.

In addition to the text advertising, Channel 1 also shows public information films commissioned by the government. During the election time it shows the party political broadcasts.

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