Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 5

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Royal Thai Army (RTA) Radio and Television Channel 5
RTATV5 Logo.png
Launched 25 January 1958; 58 years ago (1958-01-25)
Owned by Royal Thai Army
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan (Thai: ททบ.5 นำคุณค่า สู่สังคมไทย)
(Ththb.5 Nả khuṇkh̀ā s̄ū̀ s̄ạngkhm thịy)
TV5 Bringing Thailand's Values To The Society
Country Thailand
Language Thai
Formerly called
  • RTA Radio and Television Channel 7
  • RTA Radio and Television Channel 5
Analogue Channel 5 (VHF) (Bangkok)
Digital Channel 1 (HDTV) on UHF Channel 36 (TV5 - MUX2) in Bangkok
TrueVisions Channel 11
CTH Channel 1
Other Channel 1
TrueVisions Channel 2 and 11

Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 5 (สถานีวิทยุโทรทัศน์กองทัพบก) is a terrestrial television station of the Royal Thai Army (RTA). It was the second television station in Thailand. It began broadcasting on 25 January 1958 in very high frequency (VHF).


Broadcast signals go through a network of 31 transmitters dotted around the country. Daily transmission is 24 hours, but regular programs begins at 05:00, ending at 03:00 the next day. Between 03:00 and 05:00 TV5 broadcasts teleshopping.

Channel 5 broadcasts in VHF on Channel 5 for analogue broadcasting and ultra high frequency (UHF) channel 36 for digital broadcasting.

Channel 5 is also available over TrueVisions on Channel 2.

Criticism and controversy[edit]

Channel 5 has been criticized in the past for not taking certain programming seriously and even taking some programs off the air without letting it finish the season run.


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