Channel 6 (Ireland)

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Channel 6
Channel 6 Logo
Launched 30 March 2006
Closed 5 January 2009
Owned by TV3 Group
Picture format 16:9 576i SDTV
Audience share 1.3% Increase (, [1])
Country Ireland
Saorview Channel 5
Sky (Ireland) Channel 105
UPC Ireland Channel 106
Magnet Entertainment Channel 106
Streaming media

Channel 6 was an Irish television station active from 2006 to 2008.

Channel 6 initially broadcast on March 30, 2006[2] then operated by Kish Media's subsidiary Channel 6 Broadcasting Ltd. Kish Media was a consortium made up of Tullamore Beta, Barry family of Barry's Tea and Gowan Group. In its infant stages, the channels consortium invested €14 million to fund the project. It was anticipated that Channel 6 would launch further channels including a Channel 6+1 service and a music channel. In 2008, Kish Media announced the channel was for sale. In July 2008, it was confirmed that TV3 had purchased the Kish Media for €10 million.[3] The channel continued to broadcast as Channel 6 for a further six months, when TV3 began to promote Channel 6 programming on its main channel. The station's first managing director was Martin Drake, who left the company after just eight months, and after a period under interim CEO Mark Kellett, the channel's top job was taken by Managing Director Michael Murphy, who later left the channel when it was fully transferred over to TV3 and integrated into the TV3 Group. In December 2008, TV3 confirmed they were to rebrand Channel 6 to 3e on 1 January 2009.

Channel 6 produced several shows to compete with both RTÉ Two's and TV3's youth orientated programming, such as, Cois Farraige an Irish surfing and surf culture show hosted by Jenny Buckley, Access Hollywood also hosted by Jenny Buckley, Day Shift a weekend morning music show, Game On a video games show, Night Shift a late night interactive music show hosted by Michelle Doherty, Quiz 6 a phone-in quiz show, where viewers could answer on screen puzzles to win cash and Take Six a movie show hosted by Taragh Loughrey Grant who was later replaced by Elsa Jones, Sean Musanje and Serena Bellissimo. Channel 6 had cancelled all but Day Shift, Night Shift, Pop Scene and Take 6 by the time TV3 had bought the station. TV3 cancelled all of the remaining Channel 6 programmes as they closed the channel.

When Channel 6 launched the channel offered Irish viewers programming previously unavailable on other Irish channels these included: Heroes, House, Rachel Ray, My Name is Earl, American Dad, Dexter, Family Guy and The Closer. The channel began to air repeats of other high profiled shows which previously broadcast on other Irish channels these included: CSI, Fraiser, Friends, Sex and the City, Scrubs, The Sopranos, Swingtown and The Wire.[4]

Channel 6 launched it first set of identifiers (idents) in March 2006 and they remained on the channel up to its demise three years later. The presentation package was produced by Cleverality. There were several idents during this period. The 'blue dot' in the centre of the six would be transformed from a symbol representing entertainment into the 'blue dot'. Examples of those symbols include, the masks for drama and comedy, film reels, a television set etc.


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