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Channel 9
Type Broadcast Television network
Country Greece Greece
Availability Regional
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Channel 9 (Greek: Κανάλι 9) is a Greek television channel that broadcasts in the region of Attica. It is considered as an informational channel.


  • 1992: The channel launches as Tile Tora.
  • 2000: The channel changes ownership and is renamed POLIS TV or POLIS for short.
  • 2004: The channel is renamed TV Cosmopolis or TVC for short.
  • 2005: The channel changes ownership and is temporarily renamed back to POLIS in preparation of an overhaul.
  • October 2005: A fire almost completely destroys the station along with some archive material.
  • December 2005: The channel is renamed Channel 9.


Channel 9’s programming originally was based on newscasts, original productions and cartoons. The channel had nine daily newscasts to match its name. As of 2010 the channel’s news operations consisted of a daily economic zone, a main newscast, a sign language newscast, a sports newscast and a newscast from Al Jazeera International translated into Greek, a first for Greek television. The channel also airs children’s programming, foreign films and original productions. Until 2007 the a majority of the channel's programing consisted of cartoons from Nickelodeon.


Until mid-2006 journalist Nikos Evangelatos held a significant share in the station. Behind the journalist was businessman Dimitris Kontominas, and only because Greek law at the time did not allow an individual ownership of more than one television channel and two radio station. The law has since changed and Dimitris Kontominas is the majority shareholder.


The channel broadcasts on the following frequencies in Greece:

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