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Channel 9
Microsoft Channel 9 logo.png
Microsoft Channel 9 screenshot.png
Channel 9 homepage
Web address
Type of site
Video channel, blogging, podcasting, screencasting, forum
Registration Optional
Available in English
Owner Microsoft
Created by Microsoft
Launched April, 2004
Current status Active

Channel 9 is a Microsoft community site for Microsoft customers created in 2004.[1] It has video channels, discussions, podcasts, screencasts and interviews with Microsoft. The name was based on the channel nine system used by United Airline in-flight that let customers get to know their pilots.[2] The Channel 9 team have produced interviews with Bill Gates, Erik Meijer and Mark Russinovich.

Channel 9 formerly featured a wiki based on Microsoft's own FlexWiki. The wiki had been used to provide ad hoc feedback to various Microsoft teams such as the Internet Explorer team[3] as well as for teams such as Patterns & Practices to promote discussion,[4] although some teams have migrated to CodePlex.


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