Channel Classics Records

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Channel Classics Records
Founded 1990 (1990)
Founder C. Jared Sacks
Genre Classical
Country of origin Netherlands
Location Herwijnen
Official website Official website

Channel Classics Records is a record label from the Netherlands, specializing in classical music. The managing director and producer is C. Jared Sacks, who grew up in Boston. Sacks was schooled as a professional horn player at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music[1] and the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.[2] With fifteen years of experience in making music, Sacks decided to turn his hobby of making musical recordings into his work in 1987.[3] The record label started in 1990 and was called after the street where he lived at the time, the Kanaalstraat in Amsterdam.[4]

In 2006, Channel Classics began releasing records in Super Audio CD format by Chinese artists, including the China National Symphony Orchestra.[5]

Channel Classics Records released music from musicians like Iván Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra,[6] Dejan Lazić,[7] Lavinia Meijer,[8] Rachel Podger[9] and Candida Thompson.[10]


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