Channel Islands Co-operative Society

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The Channel Islands' Co-operative Society Limited
Consumer cooperative
Industry Retail
Founded 1919
Headquarters St Helier, Jersey
Key people
Colin Macleod
Revenue Increase £162.829 million (2011)[1]

The Channel Islands' Co-operative Society is a long-established consumer co-operative with stores in the Channel Islands. Its head office is located in Saint Helier in Jersey.


The Jersey Co-operative Society was formed in 1919 and the Guernsey Co-operative Society followed in 1947. Both predecessors were supported by a CWS supervisory committee, which meant their accounts were liable to UK taxation. Growing objection to this persuaded the CWS to propose a merger which led to the incorporation of the Channel Islands' Society in 1955.[2]

In August 2013, it was announced that the company's two Channel Island Homemaker warehouses would be closed, and replaced with a single warehouse in the UK.[3]


The Grand Marché, a CICS supermarket in Saint Helier, Jersey.

The Society operates twelve grocery stores in Jersey and ten in Guernsey, in addition to Travelmaker, Homemaker and Total Sport stores. Membership is open to all residents of the Channel Islands, with members receiving a share of the profits in the form of dividends.

The Channel Islands' Co-operative Society is a UK-registered industrial and provident society,[4] a member of the Co-operative Union in the United Kingdom, the Co-operative Retail Trading Group, the Co-operative Travel Trading Group and a corporate member of The Co-operative Group (formerly Co-operative Wholesale Society), the largest consumer co-operative in the world.

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