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The Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG) is the joint company set up in 1998 between Guernsey Electricity and Jersey Electricity to operate and manage the submarine cables between Europe and the Channel Islands.

The CIEG is continuing to develop the undersea cable network with additional connections between the islands and France currently being devised. These subsea cables will give both Guernsey and Jersey greater security and better affordability, as they will give the islands the opportunity to increase the amount of imported energy.

Long term agreements with Électricité de France (EdF) ensure the imported electricity is low carbon. [1]

Co-operating through the CIEG, means the islands can work together towards improving the reliability of the grid system.

Cable connections[edit]

Name Operational period Route Distance Capacity Status Notes
Normandie 2[2] 2000 - present Surville, France to Jersey 17 kilometres (11 mi) 90 MW Operational Cable contains fibre optic cables
GJ1[3] 2000 - present Jersey to Guernsey 37 kilometres (23 mi) 60 MW Operational Cable contains 3 fibre optic cables of 24 fibres each.
Normandie 3[4] 2014 - present Armanville, France to Jersey 32 kilometres (20 mi) 100 MW Operational
Normandie 1[5] 2017 - present Surville to Jersey 27 kilometres (17 mi) 100 MW Operational Work started in 2016.[6] Follows same route as EDF1 at a cost of £40m it became operational in February 2017.
GJ2[7] Jersey to Petit Bot, Guernsey 38 kilometres (24 mi) 100 MW pending
FAB Link[8] France to Alderney to Britain (FAB Link) 220 kilometres (140 mi) 1,400 MW Scheduled
EDF1[9] 1984 - 2012 France to Jersey 27 kilometres (17 mi) Removed Faulty cable lifted in 2016 for recycling[10]


  • Possible - France to Guernsey [11]
  • Unlikely - Guernsey to Sark [12]

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