Channel Islands High School

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Channel Islands High School
1400 Raiders Way
Oxnard, California 93033
United States
Type Public high school
Motto "Once a Raider, always a Raider."
Established 1966
School district Oxnard Union High School District
Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Soumakian
Principal Dr. Ray Senesac
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 2,474 (2013-14)
Campus Urban, Residential
Color(s)           Blue and Gold
Athletics conference CIF-SS Pacific View League
Newspaper The Isle File

Channel Islands High School (CIHS) is a secondary school located in Oxnard, California. CIHS is under the jurisdiction of the Oxnard Union High School District. It had a student population of 2,608 during the 2006-2007 school year. Dr. Ray Senesac, is the current principal. Superintendent Jody Dunlap would then replace him but would step down in June 2010 and was replaced by a new principal. Maricruz Hernandez became principal of the 2010-2011 school year.



  • Faculty: Virgil Cardinez, Benjamin Clancy, Brett Zielsdorf, Jonathan Throckmorton
  • Courses: 3-D Sculptural Design,Illustration/Life Drawing, Digital Photography, Visual Art, Painting A&B

Business & Technology[edit]

  • Faculty: Alfonso Vargas, Brett Zielsdorf
  • Courses: Microsoft Office Intro, Multimedia 1, Web Design 1-A, Web Design 2-A


  • Faculty: Monica Adrian, Amy Greaves, Josh Grennan, Melody Linecker, Theresa Lujan, MIlly Madonna, Valarie Ochoa, Mujde Pidduck, Phyra Prum, Ruth Razo, Dominique Rousseau, Mark Saunders, Laura Sauret, Mark Stevens, Monica Zepeda, Brett Zielsdorf.
  • Courses: ESL Conversation 101, ESL Conversation 102, English 9R1, English 9R3, Reading 9R3, English 9R4, Reading 9R4, English 10R4, English 102, English 103, Short Story, Communication 2000, Mexican/Chicano Literature in Translation, Reading Techniques 9, Reading Techniques 10, English 10R2, English 11, English 12, English 1,English 2, English 2RCP, English 3 DPC, English 4 DPC, English 3-Advanced Placement, English 4-Advanced Placement

Foreign Language[edit]

  • Faculty: Imelda Blanc, Elzbieta Dabrowska, Blake Hill, Federico Olivares
  • Courses: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, Spanish 4-Advanced Placement, Spanish for Native Speakers 2, Spanish for Native Speakers 3, Spanish for Native Speakers 4- Advanced Placement, Spanish for Native Speakers 5- Advanced Placement, French 1, French 2, French 3, French 4

Home & Consumer Education[edit]

  • Faculty: Christie Biddison, Elsa Phillip
  • Courses: Core A, Core B, Fashion Technology

Industrial Arts[edit]

  • Faculty: Jonathan Throckmorton
  • Courses: Introduction to Transportation Technology


  • Faculty: Michael Collins, Clara Galvez, Adrian Garcia, Chris Gillian, Gustavo Gonzalez, Celene Gutierrez, Jose Hernandez, Manuel Lara, Adelina Lopez, Griselda Magallenes, Veronica Mendoza, Angela Fernandez, Gabriela Perez, Alfonso Vargas
  • Courses: Algebra A, Algebra B, Algebra C, Algebra R, Algebra Readiness, Algebra 1, Algebra 1.5, Algebra 2, Algebra 2-Honors, Geometry Plane & Solid, Geometry-Honors, Calculus- Advanced Placement AB, Practical Mathematics


  • Faculty: Loreto Teruel
  • Courses: Music Appreciation A & B, Symphonic Band A/B, Mariachi Ensemble A/B, Marching Band (Fall), Beginning Guitar, Concert Choir, Color Guard


  • Faculty: Brett Zielsdorf, Benjamin Clancy
  • Courses : Health Office Practice, Library Science, Teacher Aide, Video Production 1

Physical Education[edit]

  • Faculty: Debra Covarrubias, Emily Hall, George Hinckley, Shanta Hinckley, Carol Shoenmann, Tom Voshell
  • Courses: Physical Education-Course 2, P.E 11, Dance/Rhythmics


  • David Corona, Kristin Daw, Graham Gurney, David Haynes, Elisabeth Harrell, Carly Jones, Daniel Lucas, Raoul Martinez, Sarah Mutuku, Norma Salcido, Zazil Sanchez, Michelle Senesac, Kip Atwater
  • Courses: Earth Science, Earth Science College Preparatory, Chem Lab, Biology-Advanced Placement, Physics, Chem Study, Chemistry-Advanced Placement, Physiology, Health Education/State Requirements-College Prep, Physical Science-Honors, Biology Lab, Environmental Science-Advanced Placement, Marine Biology

Social Science[edit]

  • Faculty: Scott Bankert, Brad Bowman, Ernie Carrasco, David Cole, John Colvin, Dustin Duran, Sam Kochel, John Minkel, Gary Porter Sr., Phyra Prum, Robert Rada, Eduardo Ramos, Francisco Salazar, Matt Urwick, Shanley Williams
  • Courses: World Civilizations 2, U.S. History 3-Advanced Placement, Geography, U.S. History 3, Economics 4, American Government 4, Student Government, European History-Advanced Placement, Psychology-College Prep, Psychology-Advanced Placement, Sociology-(Non-Tracked)

Special Education[edit]

  • Faculty: Vincent DiBella, Julie Euan, Sandra Galvan, Jaclyn Hamer, Jonathan Perry, Trevor River, Angelita Sandoval, Norma Sisson
  • Courses: Exploratory Work Experience, Recreation/Leisure-SE, Community Access-SE, Career Exploration, English 9, English 10, Practical Math, World Civilizations 10, Biology, U.S. History, Social Skills


Student-athletes at Channel Islands High School must be academically eligible with a GPA of at least 2.0 and passing at least 20 semester credits. They must be well-behaved at all times and realize that athletic participation is a privilege, not a right. They are to be always respectful to teachers, coaches, officials, opponents, and classmates. In addition, student-athletes are expected to be drug and alcohol free.[1]

Athletic Directory[edit]

  • Phyra Prum[2]

Athletic Secretary[edit]

  • Susan Robles: Site Governance Facilitator
  • Raiders
Boys Teams[edit]
  • Baseball (Coach: Ernie Carrasco)
  • Basketball (Coach: Eddie Ramos)
  • Football (Coach: Gary Porter)
  • Golf (Coach: Robert Rada)
  • Soccer (Coach: Adrian Garcia)
  • Tennis (Coach: Brett Zielsdorf)
  • Track & Field (Coach: Phyra Prum)
  • Volleyball (Coach: George Hinckley)
  • Water Polo (Coach: Kip Atwater)
  • Swimming (Coach: Carly Jones)
  • Wrestling
Girls Teams[edit]
  • Basketball (Coach: Jerry Parker)
  • Field Hockey
  • Golf (Coach: Robert Rada)
  • Soccer (Coach: Emily Hall)
  • Softball (Coach: Steve Lopez)
  • Tennis (Coach: Brett Zielsdorf)
  • Track & Field (Coach: Phyra Prum)
  • Volleyball (Coach: George Hinckley)
  • Water Polo (Coach: Kip Atwater)
  • Swimming (Coach: Carly Jones)
  • Wrestling



  • Advisor: Eduardo Ramos

All-Female/Male Hip-Hop & Co-Ed Dance[edit]

  • Advisor: Brett Zielsdorf

Channel Islands Dance Team is directed by Brett Zielsdorf, who has been overseeing the dance program for over seven years. Choreography for the dance teams is done by Mark Raquedan, an alumnus of Channel Islands who was a member of both the all-male and co-ed dance teams[3]

Anime Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Roberto Matinez


  • Advisor: Brett Zeilsdorf

Asian-American Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Loreto Teruel

Auto Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Jonathan Throckmorton


  • Advisor: Kristen Gabasan

Bible Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Chris Neos

California Scholarship Federation[edit]

  • Advisors: Celene Gutierrez, Terrie Romines


Cuisine Club[edit]

  • Advisors: Christie Biddison, Elsa Phillip

Drama Club[edit]

  • Advisors: Patricia Davis

Drill Team[edit]

  • Advisor: Brett Zielsdorf


  • Advisor: Loreto Teruel

Fashion Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Elsa Phillip

Film Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Sean Blumenthal


  • Advisor: Imelda Blanca

French Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Elzbieta Dabrowska

Geography Bowl[edit]

  • Advisor: Robert Rada

Key Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Ed Ransom

Leading the Youth[edit]

  • Advisor: John Grennan

Link Crew[edit]

  • Advisor: Milly Madonna


  • Advisor: Adrian Garcia


  • Advisor: David Corona

Migrant Club[edit]

Mock Trial[edit]

  • Advisor: Monica Adrian

Mountain Bike Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Norma Salcido


  • Advisor: John Grennan

Peer Resource[edit]

  • Advisor: Amy Greaves

Reading Raiders Book Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Kathleen Cressy

Rock Band[edit]

  • Advisor: Alfonso Vargas

Sabor Latino Dance Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Imelda Blanc

Science Club[edit]

  • Advisor: David Haynes

Short Flags[edit]

  • Advisor: Brett Zielsdorf

Channel Islands Short Flags is coached and choreographed by Mark Raquedan. The team is overseen by their activity director Brett Zielsdorf. Practices include about stretching, practicing the routine in a circle with members facing each other, flag tosses, and full routine rehearsal. The teams practices Monday- Saturday from about five to six hours a day. The teams hallmark is 'discipline.' Alumni involvement and love for the team is one of the many reasons CI squads do so well.[4]

Spanish/Latinas Club[edit]

  • Advisor: Imelda Blanc

Students Against Animal Cruelty[edit]

  • Advisor: Monica Adrian

In-School Academies[edit]

Marine Science Academy(MSA)[edit]

  • Advisor: David Haynes

Business Academy[edit]

  • Advisor: Meryle Brickman

Notable alumni[edit]


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