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Channel Niners was an Australian 5 day a week, live to air, 2hour Children's afternoon magazine style show with a live audience on NWS-9 in Adelaide, It had various hosts, including, Ernie Sigley, Glynis O'Brien, Ian Fairweather, Tony Gordon and Helen Woods. The final presenters of the show were Joanna "Joey Moore" voice-over artist, singer, actress, former teacher at Northfirld High School and regular Here's Humphrey presenter, along with, "Robby" Robin Roenfeldt, actor, writer, producer and director of Here's Humphrey and various successful children's programs plus their sidekick, Winky Dink, a pink puppet duck voiced byWendy Patching, dancer and actress.

With the same trio of Joey, Robbie and Winky as hosts the Channel Niners" was replaced in the mid-1980s by the highly successful national 2 hour program, 'C'mon Kids, which basically had the same live feel to the show as the 'Channel Niners, but was recorded each day as a live show for relay around all states of Australia. Tapings for the show would still include a live studio audience (generally from primary schools around Adelaide) once a week. The show aired on weekdays from 4pm until 5pm, with the Friday show being the one with the live audience. "C'mon Kids" had access to many and varied interesting guests from all facets of life including, popular musicians, actors, sports heroes, wild life and science experts, comedy sketches, plus interactions with ordinary kids from all walks of life who had interesting stories and gifts to share with their audience. The Friday show would generally include some famous international stars performing live and then a final participatory game for kids and their teachers called" Beat The Teacher" with the final segment seeing the losing team douced in a bucket of sludge. "Joey Moore" left the program in 1988 to pursue a full-time career in Voice Overs in Sydney, Australia and "Robin Roenfeldt" went on to successful produce many new programs for the Nine Network in Australia and overseas.