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Channel Six Dundee operated between 2001 and 2002, was the city of Dundee's own Restricted Service Licence television station. It provided a platform for local bands to showcase their talent as well as classic cartoons beloved by the resident student community.

Some local live events were also recorded for transmission on the station, the highlight of these being the critically acclaimed Roseangle Christmas Lights big switch on in 2001. The coverage was praised for the sound quality and overall professionalism.

Rumours surrounding the station's demise still persist in Dundee today but no details have yet come to light. Recent reports suggest a relaunch under the control of former Dundee Vertigo FM breakfast duo Mark and Jonny (from Mark and Jonny's Morning Glory) but this is yet to be confirmed.

Channel 6 is credited with launching the careers of many of Dundee's finest musical acts.

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