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Channel V Thailand of Ravindu Wegiriya
Channel V Thailand Logo
Launched 4 August 1996; 21 years ago (1996-08-04)
Owned by News Corporation
through STAR TV and Fox International Channels
Picture format 480i 4:3 (SDTV)
Slogan "For Real" 1996-2008
"To Ma Dauy Kan (Grow Up Together)" Present
To Ma Dauy Kan Tua Prated (Grow Up Together Nationwide)
Country Thailand
Language Thai
Broadcast area Thailand
Headquarters [V] Spot
Siam Discovery 6th Floor, Bangkok, Thailand
GMMZ (Thailand) Channel 392
DTV (Thailand) Channel 169
CTH Channel 125

Channel V Thailand is a music television channel.

In August 2008 Channel [V] Thailand moved studio and office from Sukhumvit 49/12 to Siam Discovery on 6th floor.

Channel [V] Thailand ended its exclusive broadcasting deal with TrueVision on 31 August 2013,[1] moving over to CTH, and discontinuing all VJ-presented programming.[2]


The logo used from 1996 to 2014.

Channel [V] Thailand started in 1996 by joint venture between STAR TV and Broadcasting Network Thailand (BNT). At present Channel [V] Thailand is joint venture by STAR TV (49%), TrueVisions (26%) and GMM Media (24%) since 2007.[3]

Channel [V] Thailand is the oldest music channel in Thailand and produces most of its shows locally with the exception of the America's Next Top Model.[4]

Presenters and VJs[edit]

Current VJs[edit]

  • Non VJs ( Cancel Live Program )

Former VJs[edit]

Shows on Channel [V] Thailand[edit]

Current shows[edit]

  • [V] Boutique
  • [V] Countdown (VJ Pitta)
  • [V] REDioactive
  • [V] Tunes
  • Asian Chart (VJ Mike) Present in English
  • Asian Hero (VJ Mike) Present in English
  • Club [V]
  • Double Shot
  • Melosamosorn เมโลสโมสร
  • Siam Top 20 (VJ Loukade)
  • The Record Shop
  • The Ticket (VJ Loukade)
  • To Ma Dauy Kan โตมาด้วยกัน (VJ Ja)
  • Zog Zag (VJ Loukade, Bank, Pitta)

Special shows[edit]

(+) - Still On air

Former shows[edit]

  • Big Breakfast (live) (VJ Bee, VJ Boss)
  • Remote Control (live) (VJ Loukade, VJ Boss, VJ Pitta, VJ Ja, VJ Emme)
  • [V] Play Zone (live)
  • [V] Life Begin (live)
  • [V] 100 Rock (VJ Pitta)
  • [V] All in Spy (VJ Loukade)
  • [V] Countdown [inter] Program from Channel [V] International
  • [V] Federventure (VJ Eke, VJ Ja)
  • [V] Radioactive (VJ Boss)
  • [V] Vital (VJ Chai)
  • [V].i.d (VJ Loukade)
  • 4 Play
  • Eaststree (VJ Pitta)
  • Flava
  • Hei-Beat (VJ Terng)
  • House Of Noise (VJ Boss)
  • Let [V] Entertain U
  • Main Stage
  • Night Life
  • Popparazzi (VJ Paula)
  • Rated Weekend
  • Rewind
  • Smash Hit
  • Soundtrack
  • Trendy Taste
  • The Interview
  • The Rock Show
  • Turn On [V]
  • VideoScope (VJ Chai)
  • [V] 365 Music
  • [V] Vote
  • Khon Du Pen Yai คนดูเป็นใหญ่
  • I Am Siam
  • [V] Japan Bravo

Studio and office[edit]

In August 2008 channel [V] Thailand moved studio and office from Sukhumvit 49/12 to Siam Discovery shopping mall complex. The new studio name is "[V] Spot".

Channel [V] Thailand Music Video Awards[edit]

Edition Concept Year Date Venue
1st - 2002 23 May Bangkok Theater
2nd - 2003 5 April Main Hall Thammasat University
3rd - 2004 25 March Main Hall Thailand Cultural Centre
4th The Video City 2005 28 May Thunder Dome, Mueang Thong Thani
5th Hall of Fame 2006 16 June BEC Tero Hall
6th Thaipradit (Thai made:ไทยประดิษฐ์) 2009 22 August Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon
7th Thaipradit (Thai made:ไทยประดิษฐ์) 2011 3 September Crystal Design Center

Program highlights[edit]

Of the month[edit]

  • The Chosen One
  • Spotlight
  • Singled Out
  • Asian No. 1 Pop
  • The Bird Eyes [V]iew
  • Trendy Taste

Of the week[edit]

  • Yip Chin Phleng Man (Hot Pick, หยิบชิ้น เพลงมันส์)
  • Phleng Khao (New Add, เพลงเข้า)


  • Channel [V] Thailand’s Music Video Awards
  • Channel [V] Thailand VJ Search Project
  • Channel [V] Thailand & ACER Unwire Campus Tour 2007
  • Channel [V] Thailand's Grand Opening "[V] Spot" @ Siam Discovery
  • Channel [V] Thailand Presents Ibis Idol Contest 2009
  • European Union Presents EU Green Dats Concert 2009, Bangkok

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