Channel Zero (comics)

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Channel Zero
Page count144 (2000 edition) pages
PublisherImage Comics[1]
AiT/Planet Lar
Creative team
WritersBrian Wood
ArtistsBrian Wood
Original publication
Date of publication1997 (serial), 2000 (collected), 2012

Channel Zero is a graphic novel by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan set in a near-future New York City.[1]

The character Jennie 2.5 also appears in Wood's The Couriers.

Publication history[edit]

Channel Zero was first published by Image Comics in 1997 as a serial before being collected as a standalone work by AiT/Planet Lar in 2000. In 2002, Public Domain: A Channel Zero design book was released, and a sequel, Channel Zero: Jennie One, appeared a year later.[2] The book is currently published by Dark Horse Comics in omnibus format.


The story focuses on Jennie 2.5, a hacker who uses an illegal television channel to urge viewers to fight back against New York and America's violent theocracy.


Matthew Shaer of The Village Voice described the work as reminiscent of William Gibson,[3] while Keith Giles of Comic Book Resources declared that the novel "established [Wood] early on as a talented artist and writer to keep an eye on".[2]


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