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Channy Yun
Channy Yun in AWS Cloud 2016.jpg
AWS Cloud 2016.
Born (1973-01-19)January 19, 1973
South Korea
Employer Amazon Web Services
Known for Open-source software, HTML5, Mozilla

Channy "Seokchan" Yun(Hangul윤석찬; born January 19, 1973) has promoted Web standards for Web interoperability in Korea, according to Evan Ramstead of The Wall Street Journal, as "a leader in Korea's community that promotes open-source browsers developed by nonprofit software organization Mozilla".[1]

Channy is also known one of powerful voices of Open-source software in Twitter, according to Chris Preimesberger of eWeek, as "one of South Korea's top tech writers. he has written in columns for ZDNet Korea and his own Channy's Blog. he's a founder of BarCamp Seoul and WebAppsCon, and is Asian editorial adviser of Lift Conference Asia and was CTO of Nine4u" before joining Daum (web portal).[2]

Channy was Technology evangelist of Daum Communications to support 3rd party developers using Daum's Open API[3] and started the first Korean Open-source software class as an adjunct professor, dept. of Computer Engineering at Jeju National University.[4]

He researched the big data analysis with Semantic Web and Medical Informatics at the Seoul National University.[5] and focused Open-source software strategy of Big Data at Daum.[6]

He is now working for Amazon Web Services as a technical evangelist in Korea.[7]


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