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Type Chapssal-tteok, jeonbyeong
Place of origin Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Main ingredients Glutinous rice flour, purple gromwell
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Chanochi (차노치) is a Korean dish. It is pink, pan-fried tteok (rice cake) or jeonbyeong (pancake) made with glutinous rice flour.[1] It is a regional dish of the Yeongnam region.[1]


Chanochi (차노치) is a compound of the prefix cha- (차-) and the noun nochi (노치). Cha- means "glutinous",[2] and nochi is a Gyeongsang dialect word for noti (노티), which is a pan-fried tteok (rice cake) made with glutinous proso millet and yeot-gireum (barley malt powder), and usually considered a regional dish of Kwansŏ region.[3]


Rice flour is seasoned with salt, dyed pink using purple gromwell, and kneaded with boiling water.[4] The dough is rolled into flat, round pieces and pan-fried in oil. Pan-fried chanochi is coated with honey or sugar.[4]

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