Chanshal Pass

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Chanshal Pass / Chanshal Valley
Elevation 3,750 m (12,303 ft)
Traversed by Seasonal Road between Chirgaon (Rohru) and Dodra Kwar
Location India
Range Himalayas

The Chanshal Pass/ Chanshal Valley[1] links Dodra Kwar and Rohru (Chirgaon) in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The pass sits atop the Chanshal Peak, which at 4,520 metres (14,830 ft) and is thus the highest peak in the Shimla district. The pass remains open from May to October and is covered with snow for the rest of the year.


The Chanshal Pass is 180 kilometres (110 mi) from Shimla. It is accessible by road from May to October. Chanshal is a mountain range which cut Dodra Kawar Vally from the Rohru area. Some of its peaks are about 17,000 feet (5,200 m) and can be reached using the Chanshal Pass.


The Chanshal pass is also known as Chanshal valley and very good for scenic beauty of Himalaya. As on in June 2012 only 2 buses ply to and fro from Rohru to Dodra Kwar. The timing for buses is around 9-11 AM in morning from Rohru side (which reach in Chanshal valley at around 12 and 2 PM respectively) and 7 AM and 9 AM(10 AM and 12 noon in Chanshal valley) from Dodra Kwar to Rohru.

These are the two main and only sources of public transport. The charges from Rohru to Chanshal valley are Rs. 70/ticket(June 2012). if want to hire a cab then charges are too high Rs. 30/KM because of nexus of union and as no other source of transport available if public transport missed.

Chanshal Valley Beauty[edit]

The valley is very much beautiful as one get views of hills covered with ice from here and those are at par height from here not that one have to look above. The vehicles leaves passengers on the road above that people can trek to the top of hill and can enjoy the beauty. Height is good so not advisable for weak people/woman/children except if they love trekking, they can enjoy valley from the parking spot available. One natural lake is also available on the top of hill in shape of THALLI(Indian plate to have meal). By trekking people can reach there. It'll be very much fine if help from any local person can be taken to roam around there as one will not be able to recognize as where is the proper spot for gazing at the real beauty.

The valley is covered with ice during Oct-Feb period, other time of year ice is found in valley. A very good place to hang out if one enjoy adventures and ready to invest time in travelling to see the beauty. In the afternoon very strong air flows in valley and tries to uproot one so need to be behind rocks to avoid so cold and strong air. But it feels very good as unique experience which is rarely found.

There is nothing available in valley in terms of food or packaged water. Water is found in form of ice and running from valley so that can be used for drinking. It is advisable to keep snacks, water and energy drinks, if going for trekking will be much useful.

The way to Chanshal valley[edit]

From Rohru to Chanshal valley it takes around 4 hours to reach.The local stations between Rohru to Chansal are Simoli,Seema,Badiara,Chirgaon,Sandasu,Tikkri and Larot. The buses stops at Larot 18 km before Chanshal valley for lunch or snacks. The shop available is not big but have sufficient things as are expected at this much height and at reasonable rates. A river (Andhra River) flows alongside the road to Chanshal valley till the place known as Tikri. The water is chilled if it is not the rainy season as it is formed by ice melting, but enjoyable as it is very fresh.


There is no accommodation available in Chanshal valley and there are no shops. The nearest place to stay is Larot, around 20 km from Chanshal valley. In Larot, a guest house is available and booking can be done from DFO (Distt Forest Office). If a government official is coming for a tour, other guests may be dependent on local people for accommodation (if they agree).

Ski slopes[edit]

The Chanshal valley has been identified as a potential destination for ski sports. Extending in length from 2 to 12 kilometres (1.2 to 7.5 mi), the Chanshal slopes are considered ideal for skiing. The Government of Himachal Pradesh has proposed the construction of a ski resort in the area.[2]


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