Chantiers Dubigeon

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Chantiers Dubigeon
Founded1760 in Nantes, France
FoundersJulien Dubigeon

Chantiers Dubigeon was a shipyard established in 1760 by Julien Dubigeon in Nantes, France. In 1916, the heirs of Adolphe Dubigeon disagreed with how to deal with the company. Part of it was sold to Chantiers de la Loire, and the rest was reorganized into the Anciens Chantiers Dubigeon which built a new yard on the Île de Nantes. In 1963 it was combined with La Société Loire-Normandie, forming the Groupe Dubigeon-Normandie which was renamed Dubigeon-Normandie SA in 1969. It was acquired by Alsthom Atlantique in 1983, which closed the last shipyard in Nantes in 1987.


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