Lake Chany

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Lake Chany
Lake Chany 2021-10-20 Sentinel-2 L2A True color.jpg
from space, October 2021
Lake Chany is located in Russia
Lake Chany
Lake Chany
Lake Chany is located in Novosibirsk Oblast
Lake Chany
Lake Chany
LocationNovosibirsk Oblast
Coordinates54°53′N 77°30′E / 54.883°N 77.500°E / 54.883; 77.500Coordinates: 54°53′N 77°30′E / 54.883°N 77.500°E / 54.883; 77.500
Primary inflowsChulym
Basin countriesRussia
Max. length91 km (57 mi)
Max. width88 km (55 mi)
Surface area2,000 km2 (770 sq mi)
Average depth2 m (6.6 ft)
Max. depth7 m (23 ft)
Surface elevation106 m (348 ft)
Official nameChany Lakes
Designated13 September 1994
Reference no.680[1]

Lake Chany (Russian: озеро Чаны) is one of the largest lakes in Russia. It is a shallow, hyposaline lake that has a fluctuating water level, which can change from season to season and year to year. A variety of ecosystems that surround the lake include a mixture of wetlands, salt marshes, and a mixture of birch and aspen forests. Lake Chany in particular is critically important for the migratory birds of Siberia, and is listed as a Ramsar Site of International Importance.[2]

The depth of the lake is mainly 1–2 m, but it can reach 8 m in some places.[3]

The lake is located in five districts of the Novosibirsk Oblast: Zdvinsky, Barabinsky, Chanovsky, Kupinsky and Chistoozyorny.


There are about 70 islands on the lake:[4] Amelkina Griva, Shuldikov, Lezhan, Medvezhy, Colpachok, Chinyaikha, Cheryomukhovy, Uzkoredky, Cheryomushkin, Kobyly, Perekopny, Bekarev, Kalinova, Shipyagin, Krugly, Kolotov, Kamyshny etc.


Severe storms are frequent on Chany, during a powerful wind, high waves occur on the surface of the lake.[3]

Legend of the monster[edit]

According to the legend, a giant creature lives in the lake, which devours cattle and people.[5]

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