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Chao Kuang-piu, SBS (Chinese: 曹光彪; pinyin: Cáo Guāngbiāo; Cantonese Yale: Chou4 Gwong1 Biu1), is a Hong Kong industrial tycoon and philanthropist, sometimes referred to as Hong Kong's "Wool Magnate".[citation needed]


Chao was born in 1927 in Ningbo. His father was also a successful businessman in Shanghai. In 1950, Chao went to Hong Kong to develop his own business. His career has been mainly involved in the Hong Kong textile industry.[1]

Chao was the main founder of the Dragonair, which was the first Chinese air company in Hong Kong. Chao also was the very first businessman who invested in Mainland China when the Chinese Economic Reform started in late 1970s.[2]

Chao is the current Honorary Chairman of the Wharton School's Global Alumni Forum in Hong Kong. He is also the current Chairman of Novel Enterprises Ltd.[3]


Chao's daughter, Susana K J Chou (曹其真, b. 1941), is the first President of the Legislative Assembly of Macau, Macau SAR.

Chao's son, Silas K F Chou (), is a director of Novel Enterprises which owned Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors.[4] His daughter is socialite Veronica Chou.[5]

Chao's son, Ronald Chao (1939), is also a director of Novel Enterprises and founded the Bai Xian Scholarship program.[6][7]

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