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Chao Tian (Chinese: 晁田; Pinyin: Cháo Tián) is a character featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods.

Chao Tian is a neutrally ranked officer serving under King Zhou of Shang. During the time of Huang Feihu's escape and arrival at Phoenix City, Grand Old Master Wen Zhong would send Chao Tian to spy on Mount Singing Phoenix with his brother, Chao Lei. Once Chao Tian was defeated by Nangong Kuo after being caught, Chao stood before Jiang Ziya and refused to kneel -- for Jiang was no more than a "peon".

Before Chao was to be put to death, Huang Feihu would approach the execution quarters and convince Chao to become a general under King Wu of Zhou. Thus, Chao tried to convince his brother. However, simple minded as usual, Chao realized that his family would be killed if King Zhou found out; thus Chao and his brother would rebel once again to no avail. In the end, Chao's life was spared, but he was forced to stay within Phoenix City.

Chao Tian was appointed as the deity of Suipo Star (岁破星).[1]