Chaos Constructions

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Chaos Constructions
Genre demoscene
Place Saint Petersburg,  Russia
Divisions ChaosConf

Chaos Constructions is the oldest computer art festival originally related to demoscene subculture, the biggest in Russia.[1] It has been held as a demoparty since 1995 and was called ENLiGHT until 1999. Traditionally it is held on a weekend at the end of August at Saint Petersburg, Russia. Creative competitions for computer artists and musicians, as well as programmers, are the important part of the event. The competitions ("compos") are both for pre-released and real-time works. Many of the compos and exhibits are related to retro computing (ASCII art, pixel art, tracker music, chiptune etc), but recent festivals also tend to include conferences and meetings for people from the modern IT industry who concentrate on technologies such as augmented/virtual reality, blockchain, robotics and more.


The Russian language demoscene (ru:русскоязычная демосцена) began to form in CIS countries in the early 1990s, when people massively began to possess home computers such as ZX Spectrum, Amiga and Atari and make tracker music, demos and other artwork on them. They were exchanging it using floppy disks, FIDOnet and later the Internet, so that these artists joined the worldwide demoscene culture. By the year 1995, the first Russian demoparty occurred, located in St. Petersburg—the second-largest Russian city, situated close to Finland, the country with one of the strongest demoscene cultures.

The demoparty was entitled ENLiGHT; it gathered around 150 people. It was followed by ENLiGHT'96 and ENLiGHT'97; the latter gathered more than 1200 people.

The year 1998 was skipped, and the 1999 festival was held in a new format and under the new name Chaos Constructions.

In 2006 the event's format was shifted closer to a LAN party.

The 2017 festival featured an extra event called ChaosConf which was aimed at developers and admins of enterprise IT systems.[2]

Present day[edit]

The 2018 festival was held at a co-working location called Boiling Point and also featured "enterprise" and "telecom" sections. There were several thematic areas; the party went for 2 days without breaking at night.[3] broadcast it online, and international English-speaking people also participated. The festival's crew also had arranged an "embassy" at a similar earlier gathering called Geek Picnic.[4]



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