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Chaos International is an oct-annual magazine dedicated to the study and practice of chaos magic. Ian Read, a noted practitioner of chaos magic, functions as editor of the magazine.

Since the inaugural issue in 1986, it has attracted widely diverse authors such as Phil Hine, Stephen E. Flowers, Andrew Chumbley,[1] Michael Tarrant, Thomas Karlsson, Peter J. Carroll, Nathaniel Harris, Taylor Ellwood, Stephen Mace, Lucia Ring-Watkins, and Nadine Buchholz, amongst a variety of others.

Chaos International was originally created by Ray Sherwin, who edited the first issue and co-edited issue 2 with P.D. Brown. Issue three was edited by Dave Lee, issue four by Dave Lee and Janet Tucker, issue five by Phil Hine and issue six by Ian Read.

It is published by 'Temple Misanthropy' in London in the United Kingdom, via

BM Sol, London. WC1N 3XX


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