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First edition
Author David Farland
Cover artist Kekai Kotaki
Country United States
Language English
Series The Runelords
Genre Epic fantasy
Publisher Tor Fantasy
Publication date
October 13, 2009
Media type Print (hardback, paperback or ebook)
Pages 352
ISBN 978-0-7653-2168-8
Preceded by The Wyrmling Horde

Chaosbound is the eighth novel in the Runelords book series, written by David Farland, and was published October 13, 2009.[1]

Plot introduction[edit]

Chaosbound is an epic fantasy novel set in a land where men can bestow to each other a number of endowments, granting the recipient of the endowment some attributes such as increased strength, a more acute sense of hearing, or better eyesight. The novel combines traditional sword and sorcery elements of fantasy with its own unique magic system of endowments.

Plot summary[edit]

Borenson & Myrrima arrive back from Landesfallen following the binding of the worlds, at Ox Port, where they are hunted by the wyrmlings, but surreptitiously helped and protected by the local wyrmling leader, Crull-maldor, who hopes to aid Borenson/Aaath Ulber in his prophesied destruction of the emperor Zul-Torac, clearing the way for Crull-maldor to replace him as Lord Despair's side. The wight exacts vengeance on Borenson/Aaath Ulber after his successful, endowment-aided destruction of the wyrmling forces and lair, by murdering Myrrima.


Ivarian Borenson / Aaath Ulber - Gaborn val Orden's body guard / Berserker Warrior

Myrrima - Borensons wife, Water Wizard