Chaotic Beauty

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Chaotic Beauty
Eternal Years of Sorrow - Chaotic Beauty.jpg
Studio album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Released 2000
Recorded Nov-Dec 1999
Studio Tico-Tico Studio (Kemi, Finland)
Genre Symphonic death metal
Length 39:34 (Japan 58:19)
Label Spinefarm
Eternal Tears of Sorrow chronology
Vilda Mánnu
Chaotic Beauty
A Virgin and a Whore

Chaotic Beauty is the third album by Finnish symphonic death metal band Eternal Tears Of Sorrow.[1] It was their first album without the original three founding members of the band (guitarist Olli-Pekka Törrö had left the band in early 1999) and the first EToS album with a five-member line-up. It is also the second EToS album with no pre-programmed drums.

The guest vocalist on the album was Kimberly Goss of Sinergy, and on the Japanese Bonus CD, Heli Luokkala. The song "Black Tears" is a cover, originally written by Dan Swanö for his band Edge of Sanity.

This album continues the band's tradition to record albums with Ahti Kortelainen at Tico-Tico Studio in Kemi, Finland. However, this is the first EToS album that Mikko Karmila mixed; before Chaotic Beauty all albums were also mixed by Ahti Kortelainen.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Shattered Soul" Puolakanaho & Veteläinen Puolakanaho & Hiltula 3:55
2. "Blood of Faith Stains My Hands" Puolakanaho & Veteläinen Puolakanaho 4:34
3. "Autumn's Grief" Veteläinen Eternal Tears of Sorrow 4:56
4. "The Seventh Eclipse" Veteläinen & Talala Talala & Hiltula & Puolakanaho 4:25
5. "Bride of the Crimson Sea" Puolakanaho & Veteläinen Puolakanaho & Veteläinen 5:20
6. "Black Tears (Edge of Sanity cover)" Dan Swanö Dan Swanö 3:13
7. "Tar of Chaos" Veteläinen & Puolakanaho Talala & Hiltula & Puolakanaho 3:19
8. "Bhéan Sidhe" Veteläinen & Sankala & Puolakanaho Puolakanaho & Talala & Hiltula 4:12
9. "Nocturnal Strains" Veteläinen Talala & Puolakanaho 5:30

Japanese bonus tracks:

  1. The Flight of Icarus (Iron Maiden cover) - 4:14
  2. Coronach - 4:54
  3. Nightwind's Lullaby - 5:29
  4. Burning Flames' Embrace - 4:08


Eternal Tears Of Sorrow[edit]

Guest appearances[edit]


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