Chaoyangmen Outer Street

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Chaoyangmen Outer Street (2003 image)

Chaoyangmen Outer Street (simplified Chinese: 朝阳门外大街; traditional Chinese: 朝陽門外大街; pinyin: Cháoyángmén Wài Dàjiē) is a major through route in Beijing, China, and runs through the Chaowai area near Chaoyangmen. Geographically, it is in the eastern urban area, and is still considered very close to the city centre even though it lies outside the 2nd Ring Road. It is north of a similarly significant area, the future Beijing CBD.

Chaoyangmen Outer Street runs from Chaoyangmen Bridge through to the massive Dongdaqiao crossing. In its path lie office blocks, shopping areas, and technology stores (including the Bainaohui area), making it one of the busiest streets in Beijing. Unsurprisingly, traffic is often congested, especially near the nodal points Chaoyangmen and Dongdaqiao.