Chapare River

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Chapare River
San Matéo River and Espíritu Santo River (upper right) in Villa Tunari just before their confluence to Chapare River in the east of the town.
Country Bolivia
State Cochabamba Department
District Chapare Province
City Villa Tunari
Source Cordilerra Central de Bolivia
Length 173 mi (278 km)

The Chapare River is a river in Bolivia, which is a tributary of the Mamoré River in the Amazon Basin. The river has its source at the confluence of Espíritu Santo River and San Mateo River in the Cochabamba Department at Villa Tunari. It is the main waterway of Chapare Province. The fish Gephyrocharax chaparae is found in and named after the Chapare River.

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Coordinates: 16°21′S 65°2′W / 16.350°S 65.033°W / -16.350; -65.033