Chapel Island (Canada)

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Chapel Island (Canada) is located in Nova Scotia
Chapel Island (Canada)
Chapel Island in Nova Scotia
Chapel Island, Potlotek First Nation, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Chapel Island is an island in Bras d'Or Lake on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Its name in the Mi'kmaq language is Mniku but other names such as Vachlouacadie ("place of running water / running spirits") and Pastukopajitkewe'kati which translates to "sea cow place".

It is the capital of Mi'kma'ki. The island is a sacred aboriginal site and home of St. Anne Mission, an important pilgrimage site for the Mí'kmaq and a place of national historic significance. The island is a National Historic Site of Canada[1] and is part of the Chapel Island First Nation (Potlotek).

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Coordinates: 45°43′00″N 60°46′57″W / 45.71667°N 60.78250°W / 45.71667; -60.78250