Chaplygin (crater)

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Chaplygin crater 1115 med.jpg
Coordinates 5°46′S 150°14′E / 5.76°S 150.24°E / -5.76; 150.24Coordinates: 5°46′S 150°14′E / 5.76°S 150.24°E / -5.76; 150.24
Diameter 123 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 212° at sunrise
Eponym Sergey Chaplygin
Oblique photo of Chaplygin from Apollo 11, facing south
Oblique photo of Chaplygin from Apollo 13, facing south
Highly oblique photo of Chaplygin from Apollo 16, facing south

Chaplygin is a large lunar impact crater that lies on the far side of the Moon. It is located to the southeast of the huge walled plain Mendeleev, about midway between the craters Schliemann to the northeast and Marconi to the southwest. It is about the same size as Albategnius on the near side.

The rim of this crater is roughly circular, but with an uneven edge. The inner wall is terraced around much of the circumference, but this structure is somewhat disrupted along the southern side. The rim is only mildly eroded, with few craters around the edge — the exception being Chaplygin K which is intruding into the inner wall along the southeast side. Within the walls is an interior plain that is level and smooth in comparison to the rugged terrain that surrounds the exterior of the crater. There is a central peak near the midpoint, and a few tiny craters lie scattered across the surface.

Oblique photo of a small, young crater Chaplygin B with a bright ray system on the north edge of Chaplygin, from Apollo 11, facing south

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Chaplygin.

Chaplygin Coordinates Diameter, km
B 4°05′S 151°41′E / 4.08°S 151.69°E / -4.08; 151.69 (Chaplygin B) 1.5
K 7°41′S 151°22′E / 7.68°S 151.36°E / -7.68; 151.36 (Chaplygin K) 20
Q 7°38′S 147°55′E / 7.64°S 147.91°E / -7.64; 147.91 (Chaplygin Q) 13
Y 2°43′S 149°38′E / 2.71°S 149.64°E / -2.71; 149.64 (Chaplygin Y) 28