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Chapman To
Chapman To 2010.jpg
Chinese name 杜汶澤 (traditional)
Chinese name 杜汶泽 (simplified)
Pinyin Dù Wénzé (Mandarin)
Jyutping Dou6 Man4-zaak6 (Cantonese)
Birth name Edward Ng Cheuk-cheung (simplified Chinese: 吴卓彰; traditional Chinese: 吳卓彰; pinyin: Wú Zhuōzhāng; Jyutping: Ng4 Coek3 Zeong1)
Ancestry Taishan, Guangdong, China
Born (1972-06-08) 8 June 1972 (age 43)
Hong Kong
Occupation Actor
Years active 1995 – present
Spouse(s) Kristal Tin (m. 2005)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is To .

Chapman To (born 8 June 1972), also known as To Man-chak (杜汶澤), is a Hong Kong actor.[1] He is best known for specializing in comedic roles in films such as Infernal Affairs and Initial D.


To began his acting career in TV soap operas and moved to the big screen in 2000. He is best known for playing Tsui Wai-Keung in the Infernal Affairs trilogy, as well as the role of Itsuki Tachibana in Initial D. He used to be a divorcee, but remarried in late 2005 to Kristal Tin. In 2006, he starred in Pang Ho-Cheung's film, Isabella with Isabella Leong.

Along with acting, To was also a radio personality for Commercial Radio 2(CR2). He hosted the show, On a Clear Day (在晴朗的一天出發), a 2-hour morning show which was co-hosted by Michelle Lo and Jan Lamb. However, after a fall-out with the key personnel of the radio company, Chapman lost the radio hosting job in 2006.

To is also an avid amateur photographer. In 2011, To was hired as the photographer for cantopop singer Prudence Liew's album, Love Addict. To stated that this is the first time he is paid for his photography work.

In March 2014, To expressed support for the Sunflower Student Movement in Taiwan, which was skeptical of a proposed agreement to create closer ties between Taiwan and mainland China. He was then involved in online arguments with some mainland netizens.[2] Mainland netizens objected to To's comments and some called for a boycott of To's movies.[3] The first two movies after the incident, Let Go for Love[4] and Aberdeen, were affected by the boycott.[5]

In December 2014, To and Adrian Teh co-founded Dream Moon, a Malaysia-based film production company.[6]



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