Chappal Waddi

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Chappal Waddi".
Chappal Waddi". is located in Nigeria
Chappal Waddi".
Chappal Waddi".
Location of Chappal Waddi in Nigeria (on border with Cameroon)
Highest point
Elevation 2,419 m (7,936 ft) [1]
Listing Country high point
Coordinates 7°02′07.68″N 11°42′56.06″E / 7.0354667°N 11.7155722°E / 7.0354667; 11.7155722Coordinates: 7°02′07.68″N 11°42′56.06″E / 7.0354667°N 11.7155722°E / 7.0354667; 11.7155722
Location Nigeria / Cameroon

Chappal Waddi' is a mountain in Nigeria and, at 2,419 meters, is the country's highest point.[2] It is located in Taraba State, near the border with Cameroon, in the Gashaka Gumti Forest Reserve and (Gashaka-Gumpti National Park) on the Mambilla Plateau.[3] it is a part of the Bamenda-Adamawa-Mandara Mountain chain of Nigeria and Cameroon. Chappal Wadi is cited as the highest point in West Africa.