Char Asiab District

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Char Asiab District
Location in Kabul Province
Location in Kabul Province
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceKabul Province
CapitalQalai Naeem
 • Total37,442
Time zoneUTC+04:30 (AST)

Char Asiab District (Persian: چهار آسیاب‎, Chahār Aasiāb Char Asiab, Chahar Asiab, Charasiab, Charasiah or Charasia) is a district, approximately 11 km (7 miles) south of the city of Kabul, and is situated in the southern part of Kabul province, Afghanistan. It has a population of 32,500 people (2002 official UNHCR estimate). The majority are Pashtuns, followed by Tajiks as well as a few Hazaras.[1]

Char Asiab district borders Logar province to the south, Wardak province to the west, Paghman District to the north-west, Kabul to the north, and Bagrami and Mussahi districts to the west. The headquarters of Char Asiab district is Qala-e Malik, which is located in the western end of the district.

The Kabul River flows through Char Asiab district. Agriculture is the main source of income for the people. Even with a low water table in the summer, the land can be irrigated and cultivated. Some of its residents work in the capital city, Kabul. Health care and the education are relatively good and are expected to improve further by 2011.


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