Char Khooneh

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Charkhuneh (Char-khooneh)
Developed by Soroush Sehhat
Written by Soroush Sehhat
Directed by Soroush Sehhat
Starring Hamid Lolayi
Maryam Amir Jalali
Javad Razavian
Reza Shafiei Jam
Ardalan Shoja Kaveh
Falamak Joneidi
Behnoosh Bakhtiari
Mohammad Shiri
Asghar Heydari
Farhad Pour Gorjani
Vahid Mahin-dust
Mohammad Amiri Mehr
Narrated by Soroush Sehhat
Opening theme mishe del be in bast by: Javad Razavian
Ending theme charkhuneh by: Javad Razavian
Country of origin IranIran
Original language(s) Persian
No. of episodes 187 - One Hundred and eighty seven Episodes (1-One Episode Behind The Scene)= 186 - One Hundred and eighty six Episodes
Executive producer(s) Mohsen Chegini
Running time Each Episode: 90 minutes + Commercials: 92 Minutes
Original network Channel 3 (IRIB)
Original release Wednesday 21st March 2007 – Tuesday 25th March 2007

Char Khooneh (Persian: چارخونه‎‎, "Tattersall") is a 2007 Iranian television sitcom. It recounts life in the Jamali household and set in the four-unit apartment building they own. A total number of 187 episodes were aired.

The Title[edit]

The title is a pun: Char Khooneh means "plaid" as well as "four houses." In the first episode, Mrs. Shokouh Jamali and her daughter Parastoo live in one apartment, one apartment is for Mr. Mansour Jamali when he's in the doghouse with his wife, one apartment is for the Jamalis' daughter Rana and her husband Hamed, and one apartment is vacant. It is later revealed that the apartment Mr. Jamali stays in really belongs to his son Vahid who is at university abroad in Germany. Later the vacant apartment is occupied by Farzad Paknejad and his father Farokh.


Mansour works at an Egg and Hen Company where he is gunning for a promotion to manager. When he finally gets it, he runs into some trouble and is replaced by the boss's nephew Farzad Paknejad, who also begins to rent an apartment from Shokouh. Farzad and Parastoo begin to develop feelings for each other and later marry. Parastoo is a third-year psychology major at the local university and likes to try out the things she learns in class on her family. Rana is a flight attendant, and Hamed is a singer who is waiting to be discovered. He sings in nearly every episode and eagerly awaits the day that his album will be available and he'll be famous. Nazir Shanbeh is a sycophantic caretaker, who is given the place in the family by Shokouh. He is known for his various comical accents, high pitched screams and crying when not all things go his way. Despite the crazy adventures the characters go through, at the end of the day they are all one happy family who love each other.