Chara the Best Baby Baby Baby XXX

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Chara the Best Baby Baby Baby XXX
Greatest hitschara the best baby baby xxx by Chara
Released October 10, 1995
Recorded 1991-1995
Genre J-pop
Alternative pop
Length 72:40
Label Sony Music Japan
Chara chronology
Happy Toy
(1994)Happy Toy1994
Chara the Best Baby Baby Baby XXX
Singles from Baby Baby Baby XXX
  1. "Tiny Tiny Tiny"
    Released: July 21, 1995
  2. "The Singles Re-Mixed"
    Released: September 21, 1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Chara the Best Baby Baby Baby XXX (チャラ・ザ・ベスト・ベイビー・ベイビー・ベイビー?, Chara za Besuto Beibī Beibī Beibī) is the first best album of Chara, which was released on October 10, 1995.[2] It features material from her first four studio albums, Sweet, Soul Kiss, Violet Blue and Happy Toy; as well as some new material. It debuted at #5 on the Japanese Oricon album charts, and charted in the top 200 for 13 weeks.[3] It eventually sold 190,000 copies.

Two singles were released prior to the album. Tiny Tiny Tiny, an original single, was released in July, and reached #62 on the Oricon singles charts. A few weeks before the album, a remix EP called The Singles Re-Mixed was released.

The album does not feature all of Chara's singles released up until this point. No Toy (Re-Mix), Ōki na Jishin ga Kitatte (大きな地震がきたって?, Even If There's a Great Earthquake), Mujintō ni Watashi o Motte Itte... (無人島に私をもっていって・・・?, Take Me to a Deserted Island...) and Gifted Child are left out entirely. From Charlotte no Okurimono/Private Beach (シャーロットの贈り物?, Charlotte's Web), only Charlotte no Okurimono is featured, however it is featured as the remixed version from The Singles Re-Mixed.

The album appears to be named because of her songs Baby Baby (featured on Happy Toy) and Soul Kiss xxx, however neither songs are on this collection. Soul Kiss xxx is the only album title track not present.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Ai no Jibaku Sōchi (愛の自爆装置?, Love Suicide Bombing Gear)" Chara Chara, U-Ske Asada U-Ske Asada 4:36
2. "Are wa ne (あれはね?, Is That Right)" Chara Chara David Motion 5:36
3. "Iya (いや?, Bad)" Chara Chara, U-Ske Asada U-Ske Asada 5:28
4. "Sweet" Chara Chara, U-Ske Asada U-Ske Asada 4:42
5. "Violet Blue" Chara Chara U-Ske Asada 6:08
6. "Charlotte no Okurimono (In the Mix) (シャーロットの贈り物?, Charlotte's Web)" (in the mix) Chara Chara, U-Ske Asada remixed by Tetsuji Fujita 5:26
7. "Tsumibukaku Aishite yo (罪深く愛してよ?, Love Me Sinfully)" Chara Chara, U-Ske Asada U-Ske Asada 5:09
8. "Happy Toy" Chara Chara, Zentarō Watanabe Zentarō Watanabe 5:03
9. "Break These Chain" Chara Chara U-Ske Asada 5:39
10. "Koi o Shita (恋をした?, I'm in Love)" Chara Chara, Peter Lorimer Peter Lorimer 5:11
11. "Atashi Nande Dakishimetai n darou? (あたしなんで抱きしめたいんだろう??, Why Do I Wanna Hug Him?)" Chara Kohey Tsuchiya Zentarō Watanabe 4:42
12. "Heaven" Chara, U-Ske Asada Chara, U-Ske Asada U-Ske Asada 4:46
13. "Family" Chara Chara David Motion 4:37
14. "Tiny Tiny Tiny" Chara Chara CUB 5:55


Date Title Peak position Weeks Sales
July 21, 1997 "Tiny Tiny Tiny" 62 (Oricon) 3 13,350
September 21, 1995 "The Singles Re-Mixed" 95 (Oricon) 1 3,020

Japan Sales Rankings[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
October 10, 1995 Oricon Daily Albums Chart
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 5 77,640 190,000 13 weeks
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart