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Below is a list of characters from the Tex Murphy video game series up to but not including the characters from the 2014 video game Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure.

Tex Murphy[edit]

Tex Murphy is a hard boiled, mid-21st century P.I. who tries—with mixed results—to emulate the style and philosophy of the classic film noir detective. Tex is divorced, perpetually broke, cursed with inconsistent social skills, and is rapidly approaching the big 4-O with some premature wrinkles and a bad back—the result of smoking, drinking, a poor diet, and lack of exercise. Tex doesn't fall into the typical "super hero" category, but usually manages to succeed despite his particular knack for getting into trouble and offending the wrong people.

In post-WWIII San Francisco, Tex is one of the people counted as a Norm—a person that has a natural immunity to post-war radiation. Most Norms live in New San Francisco, the area of the city that was rebuilt after the war, but Tex prefers to stay in Old San Francisco with the Mutants—the people who were altered by the radiation. Somehow, he feels more comfortable around those who have been shunned and rejected, but he tells his clients (the few that he manages to get) that he lives there because the rent is cheap.

Dressed in a well-tailored trench coat and a soft, felt fedora, Tex seems out of step with 2040s in which he lives. A man out of time. His only modern concession is the pair of comfy sneakers he wears in place of the traditional wing tips. Tex can handle the futuristic machinery and looks of his surroundings, but give him a glass of bourbon (neat) and a Lucky Strike, and he feels right at home.

The character is portrayed in the games by Chris Jones.

From Chandler Avenue[edit]

Chelsee Bando[edit]

Chelsee Bando runs the Newsstand across the street from Tex's office at the Ritz Hotel. Like everyone else in this part of town, Chelsee is a Mutant, but it doesn't show. In fact, nobody knows what her mutation actually is. Chelsee has a way of turning Tex's knees to jelly, and he's been trying to get a date with her since their first inauspicious meeting. Working at the Newsstand keeps her up-to-date with all the current events of the city, both by reading the papers she sells, and by talking with the customers. Therefore, she knows more than most people about what goes on in the shadows of the city. Chelsee is portrayed by Suzanne Barnes.

Louie LaMintz[edit]

Louie LaMintz is the owner/proprietor of the Brew & Stew cafe. He's a bloated Mutant with a heart as big as his waistline. Louie is probably Tex's best friend, if he has one, and is always willing to let Tex run up a tab of epic proportions. Everyone in the neighborhood comes to Louie's cafe, where the smell of fresh-grilled brains, lamb stew, or spicy chili mixes with the pungent aroma of his infamous "Armageddon blend" coffee.

Rook Garner[edit]

Rook Garner, owner of Rook's Pawn Shop, is a crusty old WWIII vet with a mean streak longer than his lifeline—with a particularly antagonistic attitude towards Tex. Contrary to popular opinion, however, Rook isn't a completely bitter, nasty, horrible little man. In fact, he'd be the first one to take you in on a cold night, feed you, clothe you, give you a place to sleep—and then demand that you pay him 200 bucks for the trouble.

Francesca Lucido[edit]

In Under a Killing Moon Francesca owns the 'Slice o' Heaven' Pizza restaurant with her philandering husband Sal. She has a crush on Tex and is not afraid to show it. In exchange for information on the person who jumped him, she hires Tex to find evidence of Sal's adultery so she may divorce him. In 'Pandora' it is revealed that Francesca was granted her divorce and has gone to live in Florida.

Beek Nariz[edit]

In 'Under a Killing Moon' Beek hangs around Coit Tower and is considered by many as the best street informant in the area (as Mac Malden observes, he doesn't come cheap.) Beek is a particularly distinctive mutant as he has an elephant's trunk for a nose, leading to many bad puns involving noses (his surname itself being the Spanish for nose). Beek does not appear in 'Pandora' and it is unknown what happened to him after Clint opened his Chocolate Stand at Coit Tower.


Formerly a chocoholic bum living in a dumpster behind Rook's Pawn Shop, Clint is now a chocoholic bum with his own chocolate stand: The Cocoa Cabana. After the Cabana opens every day at 9:00, everything on the menu has been mysteriously eaten by around 10:30.

Ardo Newpop[edit]

Ardo is the big dumb goon who runs the front desk at the Golden Gate Hotel. He has a strange addiction to children's TV shows, especially the Inspector Burns Fire Safety Show. In The Pandora Directive the hotel has been shut down, and it is not known what became of Ardo. He does however make a brief appearance in 'The Tex Murphy Radio Theater' series at Chelsee's funeral.


Pug is a shifty, homeless opportunist who takes Tex's wallet after he is rendered unconscious by The Chameleon in 'Under a Killing Moon'. He is said to smell terrible as he sleeps in a box next to the Warehouse. He is killed by The Chameleon, who stuffs his severed head into the water cooler in Tex's office.

Nilo Paglio[edit]

Tex's landlord at the Ritz Hotel in 'The Pandora Directive' Nilo is cheap, foul mouthed and a slob who constantly hassles Tex for the back rent he owes. No-one else in Chandler Avenue appears to have anything good to say about Nilo, and he seems to extend them the same courtesy, though he does note that he and Rook speak the same language.

Emily Sue Patterson/Luci Luv[edit]

Emily works at the Fuschia Flamingo as a dancer in 'The Pandora Directive'. She is also Thomas Malloy's wife and receives one of the boxes that Malloy sends out. She hires Tex to find out who has been stalking her in exchange for information about Malloy. Her character is pivotal to the storyline as if the player is following the Mission or Lombard Street story paths Tex will save her when she is attacked by the Black Arrow Killer. On the Boulevard of Broken dreams path however, Tex will be restrained by Gus Leach as he tries to enter the Flamingo and Emily will be killed.

Gus Leach[edit]

Gus is a huge mutant who runs the Fuschia Flamingo and also serves as a bodyguard for Emily. He initially expresses distaste for Tex but warms up to him after Tex saves Emily from The Black Arrow Killer. On the Boulevard of Broken dreams path however, Mac Malden tells Tex that Gus will close the Flamingo because of Emily being killed, which has devastated Gus.

Hamm Underwood[edit]

The original manager of the Electronics Shop in Under a Killing Moon is cross-eyed, knowledgeable (yet somewhat dim witted), and can be very friendly—if you're interested in making a purchase. Hamm does not appear in 'The Pandora Directive' and his disappearance is never fully explained, although the new owner implies that Hamm upset the wrong people and was killed.

Zack Williams[edit]

Zack Williams is the new manager of the Electronics Shop in 'The Pandora Directive. He and Tex get off to a frosty start when he terminates Tex's Electronic Shop credit account and demands back payments with interest.

Crazy Gary Lee[edit]

Crazy Gary is a priest who can be seen wandering around Chandler Avenue, looking for a good place to give his next sermon. He preaches his anti-meat sermons regularly, and has started a crusade against Louie and the Brew & Stew, saying that Louie is killing people with his wretched, meat-filled food, although nobody really takes him seriously.

Rusty The Clown[edit]

Whilst never appearing alive on screen, Rusty and his Funhouse play key parts in 'Under a Killing Moon' and 'Pandora'. In the former, Tex finds Rusty's remains dissolving in acid following his murder. Tex reports this to Mac Malden in the Police Department who deduces that he was murdered by Mick Flemm. In the latter game, The Black Arrow Killer uses the water tower on top of the Funhouse to spy on Emily in the Fuschia Flamingo. Rusty is described by the other residents of Chandler Avenue as being creepy and unusual.


The Big P.I. in the Sky[edit]

In 'Under a Killing Moon' when Tex dies he faces 'The Big P.I. in the Sky', a faceless character who provides clues as to what Tex did wrong before sending him back to the last save point. Largely unimpressed by Tex in general he exhibits a tired attitude to Tex's ineptness. He also has a voice cameo at the end of 'Pandora', on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams path in the game, but the voice cameo is made up of archived recordings from 'Under a Killing Moon.' He is voiced by James Earl Jones.

Mac Malden[edit]

Lieutenant Mac Malden is Tex's link to the San Francisco Police Department. Mac is always reluctant to help, but then remembers how many times Tex has saved his butt by solving a big case for him—usually resulting in a promotion for Mac, and no credit whatsoever for Tex. Mac is portrayed by Kevin L Jones.

The Colonel[edit]

Colonel Dobbs was Tex's mentor in the P.I. industry. While Tex was working for The Colonel's detective agency, he noticed The Colonel's unorthodox investigative methods (which he later notes he has since used himself), and reported him to the P.I. Licensing Board. The Board suspended The Colonel, and he and Tex had a falling out. In 'Under a Killing Moon' The Colonel still appears to be particularly resentful whilst Tex maintains he was young and naive. The two reconcile at the end of the game. The Colonel is portrayed by Brian Keith.

Eva Schanzee[edit]

An undercover agent for C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N., Eva has infiltrated G.R.S. in 'Under a Killing Moon. She is on the trail of the cult when she disappears, until Tex finds her on the Moonchild Space Station. The pair install the Winter Chip Virus and escape back to Earth where she chooses an evening with The Colonel over Tex, much to his dismay.

Melahn Tode[edit]

Melahn is The Colonel's girlfriend in 'Under a Killing Moon'. She is a gold digger whose only real love is money ( a fact made clear when upon learning The Colonel could be dead, she laments that they won't be going to Bermuda the following week). She shows a passing interest in Tex, but reasons that he doesn't look like he has much money and decides better of it.

Alaynah Moore[edit]

In 'Under a Killing Moon', Alaynah works at G.R.S. under Marcus Tucker and provides Tex with access to the genetic research lab. Tex dated Alaynah's older sister many years ago and Alaynah confesses that she used to have a crush on him. When Tex saves her from The Chameleon she professes her love for him, but he rejects her in favor of stopping the Cult's purification prophecy (but also because seeing her has brought up bad memories of his relationship with her sister) Her character in the novel differs from the game in that she is shown to be particularly prejudiced against mutants (calling them the racist name 'goyles') and dies when Lowell Percival's tower explodes.

Franco Franco[edit]

Franco is the top merchandise dealer in the city. Whilst he assures Tex he is strictly a legitimate businessman, it can be assumed that he is not, hence his decision to operate out of the abandoned Alhambra Theater. He is privy to most information on commodities on the black market and has a particular interest in items fashioned from jade.

Eddie Ching[edit]

The most notorious crime boss in San Francisco, Eddie Ching prefers to let people think she is a man. It's better for business, she says. After Tex finds the Countess' statuette, Ching pays him a visit, and tells him the full story behind the crystal bird, furious that it was stolen from him.

Sylvia Linsky[edit]

Tex's ex-wife and first ever client as a Private Investigator. She hired Tex to prove that her father's suicide was in fact a murder. They married after he solved the case, and it is revealed in 'Overseer' that Sylvia was the one who bought Tex's trademark fedora. She soon proved to be unfaithful and terrible with money, so she and Tex divorced and now when people tell Tex to go to hell, he claims he has already been there. In 'Under a Killing Moon' and 'The Pandora Directive' Sylvia is portrayed by Kris Mickler. In 'Overseer' she is portrayed by Rebecca Broussard.

Gordon Fitzpatrick[edit]

In 'The Pandora Directive' Fitzpatrick hires Tex to find his old friend Thomas Malloy. As the story progresses it becomes clear that Fitzpatrick knows more about Malloy's work than he originally let on. At the climax of 'Pandora' Fitzpatrick reveals that he knows how to fly the hidden alien space craft they discover (in some story paths it is implied that Fitzpatrick himself has alien DNA within him) and he uses this knowledge to get the ship as far away from Earth as possible before setting it to self-destruct, dying in the blast himself. Fitzpatrick is portrayed by Kevin McCarthy.

Thomas Malloy[edit]

Dr. Thomas Malloy worked for the military, deciphering hieroglyphics found inside the alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. After a stunning discovery, he hides in constant fear from just about everyone. The information contained in the strange metal boxes he sent to his most trusted companions may be too much for the world to handle. Tex manages to track him down to a run down industrial warehouse where Malloy explains the truth behind the Roswell incident the previous century. As they speak, NSA agents arrive and shoot Malloy dead just before Tex is able to blow up the building and escape. Malloy is portrayed by John Agar.

Lucia Pernell[edit]

In 'Pandora' Pernell is a journalist working for the Bay City Mirror. She is always hungry for information and eagerly trades what she can with Tex for a hot scope. She provides significant information about the back story of the Black Arrow Killer. In the novel, Pernell's character is changed to a man called Lucas Pernell, his relationship with Tex less formal and operating more on a quid-pro-quo basis.

Archie Ellis[edit]

In 'Pandora' Archie is the owner and editor of the UFO magazine 'The Cosmic Connection'. He is extremely geeky, yet is privy to much information regarding Thomas Malloy's work. Archie's fate plays a key factor in the story paths the player follows. Upon arriving at the Roswell complex for the first time, Tex notes that a black avatar speeder (similar to the ones used by the NSA) was parked down the road from Archie's shop. If Tex travels back there he will warn Archie to skip town, and later receives a video message from him on a beach in Bermuda. If however the player chooses not to return to him, Archie will be killed by Jackson Cross. On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams path in the game, Archie ends up killed whether the player warns him or not.

Elijah Witt[edit]

Witt is a cantankerous old writer who was close with Thomas Malloy and Gordon Fitzpatrick. He is the author of 'There are Messages from Outer Space', a book seen practically as a bible for Ufologists. He receives one of Malloy's boxes and after learning the full details of Malloy's research, is firmly in the camp of destroying the hidden second spacecraft. In the novel, Witt has a much more significant role. After anonymously providing hints and difficult to obtain equipment to Tex throughout the story, it is revealed that he has numerous connections reaching as far up as the NSA and the government, enabling him to pull various strings.

Eve Clements[edit]

Lieutenant Eve Clements is Tex's main contact in the Police Department in 'Overseer'. Whilst she does agree to help him, she sees him as an annoyance, and resents him reporting the Colonel to the ethics board. In 'Mean Streets', which was later remade as 'Overseer', the character was originally a man named Steve Clements. Clements is portrayed by Silvana Gallardo.

Sonny Fletcher[edit]

Sonny Fletcher was once a brilliant P.I. originally hired by Carl Linsky to find out about the other STG scientists in 'Overseer'. During the investigation Sonny came across the name of Big Jim Slade, the man who murdered his wife Maria. Haunted by old demons awakened by his investigation, Sonny becomes a washed-up, drunken shadow of his former self and lives in a run down motel. He is initially unhelpful to Tex's work but eventually comes round, seeing how enthusiastic Tex is. Sonny is able to break into Slade's apartment and steal on of the STG passcards, but is mortally wounded by the ordeal. In one of the most touching scenes in the series, he invites Tex around to give him the card and dies peacefully once he has done so. Sonny is portrayed by Henry Darrow.

Delores Lightbody[edit]

In both 'Mean Streets' and 'Overseer', Delores was Carl Linsky's fiancee, and writer of his last will and testament. She deeply misses Linsky, but is swiftly charmed by Tex, much to his anxiety. She holds his daughter Sylvia in contempt, feeling that she is only interesting in proving her father's death was a homicide so she can collect the multi-million dollar life insurance payout. She makes a brief appearance in the denouement of 'Under a Killing Moon' as a student of Tex's cha-cha lessons in which she is portrayed by John Brevan. In 'Overseer' she is played by Micaela Nelligan.

Wanda Peck[edit]

In 'Overseer' Wanda works for the C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. agency and, before his death, had been investigating the possibility of Carl Linsky using unethical research methods. Despite Tex's numerous attempts to entice the beautiful Wanda, she remains professional and displays a no-nonsense attitude.

Arnold Sternwood[edit]

Arnold Sternwood is the director of North Hill Clinic, a hospital for the rich. North Hill caters to the highest clientele, and is the former employer of both John Klaus and Carl Linsky.

Jorge Valdez[edit]

Jorge Valdez runs the Rank and File Chess Shop in Old San Francisco, at this time commonly referred to as "Freaktown." With tensions rising between Mutants and Norms, Tex gets a somewhat bitter reaction out of Jorge...until he drops J. Saint Gideon's name.

Robert Knott[edit]

The Law and Order Party's gubernatorial candidate, Robert Knott has secretly been working to bring the Party down from the inside. Knott goes into hiding upon being discovered, and is killed by the Party when Tex tracks him down in a log cabin in the woods.

Larry Hammond[edit]

Larry Hammond was a programmer on the STG project, and now prefers to stay "underground" in an attempt to stay alive. Larry was friends with Greg Call, who entrusted him with several bits of valuable information. He sporadically gives anonymous tips to Tex throughout 'Overseer' until the two eventually meet. Hammond is portrayed by Clint Howard.


Lowell Percival[edit]

In Martian Memorandum Lowell Percival heads a silicon mining and production facility on Mars. Tex encounters him again in Under a Killing Moon under very different circumstances - Percival is revealed to be the Leader of the 'Brotherhood of Genetic Purity', a cult that wishes to rid the world of all mutant genes whilst selecting an elite group to survive the purification by staying on the Moonchild space station. After refusing to join the brotherhood, Tex is able to locate Eva Schanzee and the pair blow up the Moonchild after using the escape ship to return to Earth and Percival is killed in the explosion.

The Chameleon[edit]

A highly dangerous man, The Chameleon is a mutant who is able to mimic the appearance of any other person (hence his name). In 'Under a Killing Moon' he works for Lowell Percival as Percival's assassin. He tricks Tex into recovering the statuette required for the Cult's prophecy by posing as a Countess, then stealing it upon Tex's success. His other notable moments include killing Pug and stuffing his head into the water cooler in Tex's office, and kidnapping Alaynah Moore. He is killed when he smokes a loaded cigarette switched by Tex. The Chameleon is portrayed by Russell Means.

The Bartender at The Broken Skull[edit]

The bartender is irritable and brusque with Tex. She spikes Tex's bourbon to knock him out for the journey to the Moonchild space station. She is portrayed by Margot Kidder.

Ferrel Pus[edit]

Tex meets Pus to buy a ticket up to the Moonchild. He is a big slob of a man who expresses disdain for Tex. He forces Tex to play a game on his 'ferrelette' table - keeping track of which balls contain poisonous spydrones and which holds the ticket. Pus' fate is not explained but it can be assumed he perishes when the Moonchild explodes.

Mick Flemm[edit]

Flemm is the two-bit crook who breaks into Rook's pawnshop at the start of 'Under a Killing Moon'. As the game unfolds, Tex discovers that he had been smuggling illegal stock into the country with Rusty The Clown, and may have been an integral part of Rusty's disappearance. Flemm gives himself up to the police when Tex causes him to believe that Rusty has come back from the dead.

Jackson Cross[edit]

A high ranking NSA agent, Cross serves as the primary antagonist of The Pandora Directive. He is shown to be both ruthless aggressive in his work. Unbeknownst to Tex, he secretly forms a partnership with Thomas Malloy's daughter, Regan and the two aim to sell off the anti-hydrogen found in the dormant spacecraft found in the Mayan jungle at the climax of 'The Pandora Directive'. Cross is killed when Gordon Fitzpatrick locks him and Regan in the spaceship's reactor core and destroys the ship to prevent it being found. Cross is portrayed by Barry Corbin.

Regan Madsen[edit]

Thomas Malloy's beautiful and seductive daughter, Regan will go to any lengths to get what she wants in life. She serves as another love interest for Tex in 'The Pandora Directive'. Despite early claims that she wants to find out more about her father's work, Tex is suspicious that she is more interested in financial gain than the good of humanity, a fact proven when she is shown to be in a partnership with NSA agent Jackson Cross. She is killed in the spaceship explosion at the climax of 'The Pandora Directive'. Regan is portrayed by Tanya Roberts.

The Black Arrow Killer/Dag Horton[edit]

Dag Horton is an N.S.A. agent posing as the Black Arrow Killer as part of a secret plan known only to Dag and Jackson Cross. The murders he commits baffle the authorities, because the real Black Arrow Killer supposedly hung himself in a Nevada jail cell years ago. After attacking Emily Sue Patterson, Horton is chased by Tex up to the roof of Rusty's Fun House where they grapple violently before Tex accidentally knocks Horton over the edge. Horton falls all the way to the street and dies, giving Tex just enough time to look under his mask.

The Alien Entity[edit]

This creature lurks in the quarantined Roswell complex. It appears in the form of a green mist and is attracted to heat. Tex learns from a security video that it appears to suck the life out of anything or anyone it touches. The player is given a limited amount of time to subdue it or else it will kill Tex too. Tex is able to trap the entity in a containment unit found in the complex itself after using the electrical generator to lure it in.

J. Saint Gideon[edit]

Founder of Gideon Enterprises, J. Saint Gideon was recently ousted as president of his company. Confined to a wheelchair years ago by an act international espionage, and suffering from declining health, Gideon spends his days sequestered alone in his enormous seaside mansion. He is revealed to be the mastermind behind the Overlord project in Tex Murphy: Overseer but commits suicide when Tex defeats him in a chess match to shut down the system. Gideon is portrayed by Michael York.

John Klaus[edit]

In 'Oveseer' John Klaus is a brilliant surgeon who was a member of the STG project and Carl Linsky's close friend. Corrupted by greed and his own political views, Klaus has a plan in motion to sell the STG project to the Law and Order Party—no matter who he has to have killed to do so. Klaus is killed by his employee, Big Jim Slade who wishes to "cut out the middle man" and take the money earned off the STG project for himself. Klaus is portrayed by Joe Estevez.

Big Jim Slade[edit]

An international hitman-for-hire, Big Jim Slade is one of the primary antagonists in 'Overseer'. He has worked for a variety of corporations, countries and (in 'Overseer') for John Klaus. Slade has been disposing of the STG members one by one, and is the man Sonny Fletcher calls the "Angel of Death" after Slade killed his wife. After an intense confrontation in a clock tower, Tex and Sylvia are able to overcome him and Slade is subsequently arrested. Slade is portrayed by Richard Norton.

Frank Schimming[edit]

Frank Schimming led the Board of Directors at Gideon Enterprises to strip J. Saint Gideon of his power as president, instating himself in Gideon's place. Schimming has been working ever since to remove every last trace of Gideon's influence from the company.