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Generation Kill follows the Marines of the 1st Recon Battalion through the first four weeks of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The characters are drawn from this group of Marines.

The recurring characters are part of the 1st Marine Division. The division is under the command of Major General James "Maddog" Mattis, played by Robert Burke. His callsign is "Chaos".

1st Recon Battalion characters[edit]

Nearly all of the recurring characters are members of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion (1st Recon), commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen "Godfather" Ferrando (played by Chance Kelly). His command staff include Major Todd Eckloff played by Benjamin Busch and Sergeant Major John Sixta, played by Neal Jones. Nabil Elouahabi plays the battalion's translator, "Meesh" (usually spelled Mish). The battalion surgeon, Lieutenant Alex Aubin (Andrew Spicer) also appears. Ferrando's callsign is "Godfather".

Character Position Actor
Lieutenant Colonel Stephen "Godfather" Ferrando Battalion Commander Chance Kelly
Major Todd Eckloff Battalion Executive Officer Benjamin Busch
Sergeant Major John Sixta (referred to twice as "Mr. Potato Head") Battalion Sergeant Major Neal Jones
"Meesh" Battalion Translator Nabil Elouahabi
Lieutenant Alex Aubin Battalion Surgeon Andrew Spicer
Sergeant Christopher Wasik Battalion Driver Daniel Janks

Alpha Company[edit]

Alpha Company is commanded by Captain Bryan Patterson played by Michael Kelly. The company callsign is "Assassin".

Character Position Actor
Captain Bryan Patterson Company Commander Michael Kelly
Gunnery Sergeant Rich Barrett Company Operations Chief Eric Kocher

Character Position Actor
Sergeant Damon Fawcett Team 2-3, Team Leader Theo Landey
Corporal John Burris Team 2-3, Driver Kyle Siebert
Corporal Smith Team 2-3 Jeffrey John Carisalez
Corporal Cody Scott Team 2-3, Gunner Darron Meyer

Bravo Company[edit]

Bravo Company is commanded by Captain Craig Schwetje played by Brian Wade. The company callsign is "Hitman".

Character Position Actor
Captain Craig "Encino Man" Schwetje Company Commander Brian Wade
Gunnery Sergeant Ray "Casey Kasem" Griego Company Operations Chief David Barrera

2nd Platoon[edit]

Team Vehicle Character Position Vehicle position Actor
Team 1 V-01 Sergeant Brad "Iceman" Colbert Team Leader/Squad Leader of Bravo 1 Passenger Alexander Skarsgård
Corporal Josh Ray Person Driver James Ransone
Lance Corporal Harold James Trombley Driver Rear Billy Lush
Corporal Walt Hasser Turret position Pawel Szajda
Evan "Rolling Stone" Wright Civilian journalist embedded with Team 1 Passenger Rear Lee Tergesen
V-02 Sergeant Antonio "Poke" Espera Team 1, Assistant Team Leader/Squad Leader of Bravo 1 Passenger Jon Huertas
Corporal Jason Lilley Driver Kellan Lutz
Corporal Nathan Christopher Passenger rear Stefan Otto
Corporal Hector Leon Driver rear Sal Alvarez
Corporal Gabriel "Gabe" Garza Turret position Rey Valentin
Team 2 V-03 Sergeant Larry Shawn "Pappy" Patrick Team 2, Team Leader/Platoon Scout Sniper Passenger Josh Barrett
Sergeant Rudy "Fruity" Reyes Driver himself
Corporal James Chaffin Driver rear Eric Ladin
Sergeant Michael "Budweiser" Brunmeier Passenger rear Justin Shaw
Corporal Anthony "Manimal" Jacks Turret position Rich McDonald
(Command Vehicle)
First Lieutenant Nathaniel "Nate" Fick Platoon Commander Passenger Stark Sands
Gunnery Sergeant Mike "Gunny" Wynn Platoon Gunnery Sergeant, Command vehicle Driver Marc Menchaca
Corporal Evan "Q-Tip" Stafford Passenger rear Wilson Bethel
Private First Class John Christeson Driver rear Daniel Fox
Team 3 V-05 Sergeant Steven Lovell Team 3, Team Leader Passenger Langley Kirkwood
Sergeant Leandro "Shady B" Baptista Driver Mike Figueroa
Corpsman 2nd Class Robert Timothy "Doc" Bryan Platoon Medical Support Jonah Lotan
Corporal Teren "T" Holsey Driver rear Sydney Hall
Corporal Michael Stinetorf Turret position Bjorn Steinbach

3rd Platoon[edit]

Vehicle Character Role Vehicle Position Actor
Command vehicle Captain Dave "Captain America" McGraw Platoon Commander Passenger Eric Nenninger
Sergeant Eric Kocher Team 2, Team Leader Passenger Owain Yeoman
Corporal Jeffrey "Dirty Earl" Carisalez Driver J. Salome Martinez
Corporal Daniel Redman Turret Position Sean Brosnan

Charlie Company[edit]

1st Recon Battalion's third rifle company. Members are featured in a short scene in Episode 4: "Combat Jack", but no Marines are specifically named. The company commander's call sign is "Raptor".

Delta Company[edit]

Company of USMC reservists attached to 1st Recon Battalion. Members are featured in Episode 6: "Stay Frosty", but only one Non-commissioned officer who has an acquaintance with 2nd platoon of Bravo Company is named.

Character Role Actor
Gunnery Sergeant Robert Swarr Battalion Parachute Rigger Michael Mosley