Charaxes jahlusa

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Pearl-spotted emperor
From Adalbert Seitz's Fauna Africana
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Nymphalidae
Genus: Charaxes
Species: C. jahlusa
Binomial name
Charaxes jahlusa
(Trimen, 1862)
  • Nymphalis jahlusa Trimen, 1862
  • Charaxes argynnides Westwood, 1864
  • Charaxes jahlusa kenyensis f. pallene van Someren, 1974
  • Charaxes jahlusa kigoma van Someren, 1974

Charaxes jahlusa, the pearl-spotted emperor or pearl spotted charaxes, is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae found in southern Africa.[1]

The wingspan is 43–56 mm in males and 50–62 mm in females. Flight period is from October to March, some species are year-round.[2]

Larvae feed on Pappea capensis, Dalbergia melanoxylon, and Haplocoelum foliosum.[1][2]


Charaxes jahlusa is the sole member of the Charaxes jahlusa species group


Listed alphabetically.[1]

  • C. j. argynnides Westwood, 1864 (southern Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, southern Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, northern and eastern Zimbabwe, northern Botswana, South Africa: KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland)
  • C. j. ganalensis Carpenter, 1937 (southern Sudan, south-western Ethiopia, northern Uganda, western Kenya)
  • C. j. jahlusa (Trimen, 1862) (South Africa: Eastern Cape Province, Western Cape Province)
  • C. j. kenyensis Joicey & Talbot, 1925 (eastern and north-eastern Kenya, north-eastern Tanzania)
  • C. j. kigomaensis van Someren, 1975 (Tanzania: north-west to the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika)
  • C. j. mafiae Turlin & Lequeux, 1992 (Tanzania: Mafia Island)
  • C. j. rex Henning, 1978 (southern Zimbabwe, south-eastern Botswana, South Africa: Limpopo Province, Mpumalanga, North West Province, Gauteng)
  • C. j. rwandensis Plantrou, 1976 (western Rwanda, north-western Tanzania)


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