Coordinates: 15°10′38″S 68°59′18″W / 15.17722°S 68.98833°W / -15.17722; -68.98833
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Charazani is located in Bolivia
Location in Bolivia
Coordinates: 15°10′38″S 68°59′18″W / 15.17722°S 68.98833°W / -15.17722; -68.98833
Country Bolivia
DepartmentLa Paz Department
ProvinceBautista Saavedra Province
10,500 ft (3,200 m)
 • Total501
Time zoneUTC-4 (BOT)

Charazani or Charasani is a small town in the South American Andes in Bolivia.


Charazani is the capital of Bautista Saavedra Province and central town of the municipality. It is situated on a spur at an elevation of 3,200 m amsl between Cordillera Muñecas in the south and Cordillera Apolabamba in the north, on a Mapiri River tributary which itself flows towards Beni River.


Charazani is located 254 km north-west of La Paz, the capital of La Paz Department. From La Paz, the asphaltic highway Ruta 2 goes 70 km north-west to Huarina, where the asphaltic Ruta 16 branches south-west for another 97 km along Lake Titicaca till Escoma. From Escoma a dirt road goes north and reaches Charazani after 87 km.

The weekly village market attracts vendors and visitors from a wide area. The market makes Charazani economically the most significant locality in the Charazani valley.[1]


The population of Charazani has risen by 20% in the recent decade, from 501 inhabitants (2001 census)[2] to 604 inhabitants (2008 est.). Currently, La Paz's Gobernación shows that Charazani has 11 761 inhabitants in the whole municipality. Most inhabitants of the Charazani municipality live in poverty: 91,5% of the municipality are unable to suffice their basic needs.

It boasts of a population that speaks Quechua, which is also learned at school. About 76.5% of the municipality speak Quechua as a primary language followed by Aymara speakers, 13%.

Charazani is a major locality for the Kallawaya, a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage culture of ritualistic healers.


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15°10′38″S 68°59′18″W / 15.17722°S 68.98833°W / -15.17722; -68.98833