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A ChargeBox is a machine for charging devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, iPods, PSPs, and other small, mobile electronics. They can be situated in locations between the home and the office, with securable lockers, so devices can be safely charged at the owner’s convenience. Other vending machines that are also capable of performing this function are operated by Photo-Me International. In Germany, a ChargeBox has the same purpose but is free to use, as it is financed by the integrated advertising space. They were introduced in 2005.

ChargeBox installed at Norton Canes services, M6 Toll.


ChargeBoxes allow the users of mobile devices to recharge them while away from home or the office. A YouGov survey conducted in June 2006 found that 61% of under-30-year-olds had run out of battery power on their mobiles while out and about within the previous month. Also, 48% of under-30-year-olds said that they had been in situations when they had wanted to use the features on their phones, but had refrained from doing so for fear of running out of battery power.


The first machines have been sited at locations such as easyInternetcafes, Aurora Hotels, Holiday Inns, Novotel, RoadChef, Tower 42, Vodafone stores,[1] the Carphone Warehouse and various airports. About one hundred ChargeBoxes are installed in the UK in total.

In September 2006, ChargeBox began to launch the product in countries beyond the United Kingdom.[2]


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