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HMS Dasher
HMS Dasher
Class overview
Name: Charger class
Builders: Yarrow Shipbuilders, Cubitt Town
Operators:  Royal Navy
Preceded by: Ardent class
Succeeded by: Hardy class
Built: 1894–1895
In commission: 1894–1912
Completed: 3
Retired: 3
General characteristics
Type: Torpedo boat destroyer
Displacement: 255 long tons (259 t) light; 295 long tons (300 t) full load
Length: 195 ft (59 m) overall; 190 ft 8 in (58.12 m) between perpendiculars
Beam: 18.5 ft (5.6 m)
Draught: 7.25 ft (2.2 m)
Speed: 27 knots (50 km/h; 31 mph)
Complement: 50 (later raised to 53)

The three Charger-class destroyers were all ordered by the British Admiralty on 12 October 1893 and on completion in early 1896 they served with the Royal Navy until 1911.

Charger, Dasher and Hasty were built by Yarrow Shipbuilders to their builders' design at a contract price of £108,600, or £36,200 each,[1] They were armed with one twelve pounder quick-firing gun mounted forward and five 6-pounder guns, mounted on the broadside and aft. They initially carried three 18-inch torpedo tubes, one fixed bow tube and two torpedo tubes on a revolving mount, but the bow tube was found to throw up too much spray and was removed very early in their careers. They carried a complement of 2 officers and 48 ratings.

These three ship did not quite meet the speed requirement of 27 knots for which they were designed. In three-hour trials they averaged the following power (ihp) and speed:

Name Trials ihp Trials speed
R.P.M. Displacement
Charger 3,177 25.82 364.6 229
Dasher 3,216 26.2 361.5 233
Hasty 2,960 26.084 361.7 233

Their original locomotive boilers were very troublesome and in their first few years of service the three ships were out of commission most of the time, but these were replaced by new water-tube boilers (from Thornycroft) in 1899/1900 and the ships continued to provide good service - all serving in Home waters until 1911. They were then decommissioned and all three were sold in 1912 to be scrapped.

Vessels in class[edit]

Name Builder Yard
Laid down Launched Completed Fate
Charger Yarrow Shipbuilders 991 November 1893 15 September 1894 January 1896 Sold 14 May 1912
Dasher Yarrow Shipbuilders 992 December 1893 28 November 1894 March 1896 Sold 14 May 1912
Hasty Yarrow Shipbuilders 993 December 1893 16 June 1894 May 1896 Sold 9 July 1912


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