Chari-Baguirmi Region

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Coordinates: 11°24′N 16°10′E / 11.400°N 16.167°E / 11.400; 16.167

Map of Chad showing Chari-Baguirmi.
Map of Chad showing Chari-Baguirmi.
Country Chad
Departments 3
Sub-prefectures 13
Regional capital Massenya
 • Governor Djiddi Bichara Hassan (2010)

Chari-Baguirmi is one of the 22 regions of Chad and its capital is Massenya. It is composed by part of the former Chari-Baguirmi Prefecture (sub-prefectures of Massenya and Bousso and part of the sub-prefecture of N'Djamena).


The main ethnico-linguistic groups are Chadian Arabs (more than 33%), Fula, Barma, Kanuri and Ngambay.


The Chari-Baguirmi region is divided into three departments:

Department Capital (chef-lieu) Sub-prefectures
Baguirmi Massenya Dourbali, Maï Aïche, Massenya
Chari Mandélia (fr) Koundoul, Linia, Lougoun, La Loumia, Mandélia
Loug Chari Bousso Bä Illi, Bogomoro, Bousso, Kouno, Mogo

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